Reclining Manual Wheelchairs


Do you want your wheelchair to be more relaxing and comforting? The features you choose for your wheelchair can decide just how comfortable your chair truly is. If sitting in your wheelchair is causing you discomfort or uncomfortable, consider choosing a reclining wheelchair, which allows you to reposition and adjust the comfort level that is just perfect for your unique needs. At Affordable Medical Equipment, reclining wheelchairs come in wide variety of styles, allowing you to choose your own features and decide which chair fits best for your needs. From the reclining degree to the design of the seatback, our reclining manual wheelchairs vary in a number of ways. Take time to research our product range to find the one that will add excellence to your level of comfort.

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  1. MVP502 20" seat Lightweight Ergonomic Reclining Transport Wheelchair
    MVP502 20" seat Lightweight Ergonomic Reclining Transport Wheelchair
    *Weighs only 33 lbs *Anti bacterial cushions *Elevating legrest Learn More
  2. MVP502 16" seat Lightweight Ergonomic Reclining Transport Wheelchair
    MVP502 16" seat Lightweight Ergonomic Reclining Transport Wheelchair
    *Weighs only 33 lbs *Anti bacterial cushions *Elevating legrest Learn More
  3. Advantage Wheelchair Recliner
    Advantage Wheelchair Recliner

    Advantage Wheelchair Recliner

    • Detachable desk or full arm option 
    • Black leatherette vinyl upholstery 
    • Available in 16",18", 20" Seat widths 
    • 300 Lb Weight Capacity 
    • Optional Heavyduty 22" seat width 450 weight capacity 
    Learn More
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Reclining Back Manual Wheelchairs

When it comes to find some best quality reclining manual wheelchairs, you need to visit Affordable Medical Equipment, one of the leading online stores for mobility basics in West Columbia. The reclining wheelchairs are specially designed with features that allow a person to comfortably recline safely and comfortably. Typically, this variety of wheelchair is used for accommodation of orthostatic hypotension, severe hip extension contractures, and pressure re-distribution for prevention of skin breakdown. Recliner wheelchairs work better with elevating leg rest; means the user’s leg and feet can get enough space to re-position for maximum comfort and health benefits. However, this feature is optional on some models and standard on others. Be sure to ask our team which type of reclining back manual wheelchairs is best suitable for your position needs.

Comfortable Chair

The chair is comfortable to use as the seat material is breathable and is 3 cm thick. So, anyone seated on the chair feels the comfort. Its anti-microbial AEGIS Microbe shield keeps you protected all the time. The 3D elevating leg-rests allow greater micro-adjustment of the foot. The seat is anti-sliding V-shaped and prevents sores, slides, and overall pressure on body of the user. The recliner is used comfortably as its backrest changes from 93° to 160° angles. The ergonomic armrest adjusts to match the user’s needs and the angles of the armrests are changed based on the recline position of the chair.

Indoor and Outdoor Wheelchair

Whatever may be your problem whether it is bone related or old age, the Reclining Manual Wheelchairs is the best mobility chair to use. The wheelchair is driven by people in every situation. It helps a lot to maintain stability and runs well on any kind of floor. The manual wheelchair is used indoors or can also be taken outside. There is the scope for an attendant to hold the wheelchair at the back. However, the person seated on the chair can also manually glide the chair. Its ride is simplified with application of modern technology. Recliners can feel the glide once they start to use the modern wheelchair.

Stay Protected

Reclining on the chair is advised. You can stay on it for hours as its anti-bacterial cushion keeps you protected all the while. Change angle of the seat according to your convenience and this keeps you well protected.The elevated leg-rest keeps your feet above ground on an elevated footrest. The armrest on each side allows you to keep your hands on them. So, you can hold on to the armrests whenever the chair starts to move. The front wheels are flexible and change angles in the direction of motion. The chair is easily moved in any direction and the glide is comfortable.

Discount Prices

At Affordable Medical Equipment, our reclining manual wheelchairs offer the most exclusive and unique option of up to a 90 degree recline. This feature allows users to seat back comfortably while in their wheelchair. One of the reasons to approach us is that we offer discount prices on top of the line reclining wheelchairs. Our discount prices for this class of wheelchair are budget friendly for our customers.

Weight and Dimensions

The weight of the Reclining Back Manual Wheelchairs is very impressive just 33 lbs. So, it can be moved around with ease by an attendant. The most amazing part is it can carry 250 lbs of weight. A person of considerable weight is easily carried on the recliner. Its 14'' rear wheels provide immense support to the recliner as it gains immense strength and istaken anywhere with great ease.The dimensions of the chair are very impressive with an open width of 23 inch, 25 inch, 27 inch, and the overall height is 52 inch. The length of the chair is 47 inch.

Foldable Wheelchair

When not in use the wheelchair is folded and stored well. It can also be transported in folded condition. The folded width is 14 inch., 15 inch., 16 inch. So, it is stowed inside SUVs to be carried to distant places.Upon reaching a new place, the wheelchair is landed, unfolded, and made ready to ride. This is how the wheelchair is brought to extensive use. It is a well-known fact that people with disabilities need a wheel-chair everywhere they go. As carrying of this recliner to distant places is made possible, so there remains no restrictionon mobility.

Explore Ultra-lightweight Reclining Wheelchairs

Buying a wheelchair can be difficult and quite confusing. One must make sure to consider different weight capacities, seating and cushions options and all must be taken care of to fit the user’s size and weight capacity. Take time to explore our wide variety of ultra-lightweight wheelchair and you will find the most favorable option for your requirement. If any query, always feel free to call one of our customer service representatives. You can be assured that the best collection of reclining manual wheelchairs we offer are of the highest quality and at the most competitive prices. The reclining feature that comes equipped with this type of wheelchair allows the user to help distribute their body weight to avoid pressure sores and get utmost comfort. Also, the convenient positioning promotes good back posture and helps avoid users get back injury from long-term seating.