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Affordable Medical Equipment introduces the most exclusive range of ergonomic wheelchairs that are catered towards a person’s specific needs. This particular category of wheelchair is lightweight and designed specifically to provide comfort along with other additional features, including human factors such as weight proportions, height and help reduce or prevent pain and discomfort. Superior level of support and good positioning is achieved through evenly distributing the user’s weight and also ensuring sitting stabilization. You can find with us only the best quality ergonomic series of ultralight weight wheelchairs with comfortable footrest, adjustable seat height and flip-back armrest.

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  1. Karman S-Ergo 305 Active Wheelchair – 29 lbs
    Karman S-Ergo 305 Active Wheelchair – 29 lbs
    Special Price $659.00 Regular Price $1,227.00

    Are you looking for an affordable wheelchair that doesn’t compromise on quality and safety? Do you need an ultra-light active wheelchair that can be customized for your comfort? Well, you cannot go wrong with Karman S-Ergo 305 wheelchair. Available in two seat width options (16″ and 18″), the wheelchair weighs 29 lbs. It can carry weight of up to 250 lbs. easily.

    When you shop with Affordable Medical USA, you get the option of customizing your wheelchair to meet your standards. Make a choice, select relevant accessories and buy 100% original S-ERGO305 active wheelchair. Enjoy competitive prices and quality wheelchair!

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  2. Karman S-Ergo Alpine White Ergonomic Wheelchair – 25 lbs
    Karman S-Ergo Alpine White Ergonomic Wheelchair – 25 lbs
    Special Price $629.00 Regular Price $1,167.00

    The S-115WT Alpine White Limited Edition wheelchair is a new model added to S-115 series of ergonomic wheelchairs. It is built with a special frame materials and specific components that are unique to the model. It comes with the globally patented S-Shape seat and allows for superior comfort.

    You may be surprised to learn that the S-Ergo 115 Alpine White wheelchair weighs just 25 lbs. but it can carry up to 250 lbs. The stylish white wheelchair includes removable footrests, anti-bacterial cushions and ergonomic arm pads so that you can enjoy mobility and comfort for many years.

    We also sell a S-115TP Transport version of the wheelchair.

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  3. Karman S-2501 Ergo Lite Ergonomic Wheelchair – 18 lbs.
    Karman S-2501 Ergo Lite Ergonomic Wheelchair – 18 lbs.
    Special Price $579.00 Regular Price $1,137.00

    At Affordable Medical USA, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. We do not sell any product that doesn’t promise superior safety, quality and comfort. We are proud to present you Karman S-2501 Ergo Lite Wheelchair. The transport wheelchair has passed the Crash Test which makes it the perfect choice for mobility-impaired individuals. You can use it indoors as well as take it outdoors.

    S-2501 Ergo Lite wheelchair weighs only 18 lbs. but it doesn’t cut corners in delivering comfort. The wheelchair can carry up to 220 lbs. without any problem. It includes AEGIS anti-bacterial cushion to avoid any rashes or infections to the user. With an ergonomically-designed seat and backrest, it is one of the most comfortable transport chairs in the USA. You can fold the seat and the backrest for travelling from one place to another.

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  4. Karman S-Ergo 115 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair – 25 lbs.
    Karman S-Ergo 115 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair – 25 lbs.
    Special Price $569.00 Regular Price $1,047.00

    S-ERGO115 Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair is a popular choice for two reasons: Patented S-Shaped seats and antibacterial, removable cushions. The wheelchair has a special frame that reduces pressure and offers better comfort to the user. Weighting only 25 lbs. (without footrest), it is available in many seat sizes: 16", 18", and 20".

    Karman S-Ergo 115 wheelchair may be light in weight. But the manufacturer has not compromised on strength. It can accommodate a weight of up to 250 lbs. The wheelchair comes with multiple features such as detachable foot rest, ergonomical arm pads, and foldable backrest and storage pouch.

    If you are looking for quality, lightweight and superior mobile experience, choose S-ERGO115 ultra lightweight wheelchair. Available in Rose Red and Pearl Silver colors.

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  5. Karman S-2512 Ergo Flight Ultra Light Wheelchair
    Karman S-2512 Ergo Flight Ultra Light Wheelchair
    Special Price $689.00 Regular Price $1,317.00

    Dragging a heavy wheelchair is by no means an easy task. If you are tired of the uncomfortably heavy wheel chairs, Affordable Medical USA brings to you 100% original and ultra lightweight S-2512 Ergo Flight Wheelchair  from Karman Healthcare.

    The wheelchair comes with the best-in-industry Quick Release Axles that allow you to remove the wheels with just a push of a button. They help you to reduce the weight & size of the wheelchair and offer easy transportation. Our wheelchair components are made with precision and innovation. They are NOT made in China. 

    Every disabled or mobility-impaired individual deserves a lightweight wheelchair that’s easy to store and transport. The S-2512 Ergo Flight Wheelchair delivers the same. The price is affordable due to the innovative usage of a competitive metal (Aircraft Grade T6 Alu) in designing the wheelchair. Enjoy redefined comfort and mobility at a competitive price!

    We also sell an Ergo Flight Transport version with 14″ rear wheels.

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  6. Flexx Wheelchair ultra lightweight with quick release axles
    Flexx Wheelchair ultra lightweight with quick release axles
    Special Price $1,099.00 Regular Price $1,799.00

    Flexx wheelchair was designed to be the ultimate adjustable ultra lightweight wheelchair.

    This includes flip back armrests, removable footrests, foldable backrest, removable wheels, adjustable front and rear wheels, center of gravity adjustment, back angle, and various options available.

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  7. Ergo Flight Transport 18" with swing away footrest and companion brakes
    Ergo Flight Transport 18" with swing away footrest and companion brakes
    Special Price $629.00 Regular Price $1,227.00
    *Weighs only 18 lbs *Removable footrest *Companion brakes Learn More
  8. Ergo Flight Transport 16" with swing away footrest and companion brakes
    Ergo Flight Transport 16" with swing away footrest and companion brakes
    Special Price $629.00 Regular Price $1,227.00
    *Weighs only 18 lbs *Removable footrest *Companion brakes Learn More
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Shop by Brand for Top-Quality Ergonomic Manual Wheelchairs

We are one of the leading suppliers of ergonomic wheelchairs in West Columbia. Our series of branded ergonomic wheelchairs provide users with a large selection of light weight wheelchairs that can help improve your life. This series includes some great features like high strength lightweight frame, compact, foldable and easy to store, anti-staining and washable cushions.

Also includes the flip-back armrest and swing away footrest which provides comfortable seating and ergonomic "S" shaped seat provides the perfect shape to fit human body to relieve pressure, increase stabilization and lower the risk of pressure sores and spinal injury. This patented S-shape seating system that comes equipped with every wheelchair model in this category provides ergonomic seating, thus confirming support and flexes to the shape of the body. Let us know more about the ergonomic wheelchair in detail.

More About Ergonomic Wheelchair

These are specially designed unique kind of wheelchairs that have been tested and proven to be effective for relieving pressure throughout the body. Feeling comfortable on his/her wheelchair is something every user demands and our unique line of wheelchairs with ergonomic cushion provides a level of comfort that is unparalleled.

While traditional wheelchair models and conventional designs do offer the user freedom and mobility, but those designs were heavy, bulky and often challenging to maneuver. Unlike the latest range of ergonomically configured wheelchairs, most of the traditional models require cushioning to prevent pressure points.

Manual wheelchairs are the type where the person must move themselves without the power of battery. You can browse from our extensive variety of manual ergonomic wheelchairs and choose the type that perfectly matches your taste and requirement. These wheelchairs need a companion, which means that you must have a person to push you. We believe that through our website, you will be able to choose the best manual wheelchair specific to your needs. Affordable Medical Equipment makes easy for its users to find the selective range of products that are assured by quality and best price structure. We are suppliers of branded products and quality is something that we guarantee.

To select the right wheelchair, you should take time to research and decide which model, category and price point is perfectly suited for your lifestyle and condition. Depending on your specific need and decision, you may choose a chair that are usually comfortable and are self-propelled. We exclusively bring you a collection of great product feature that can have a long-lasting effect on your everyday life. That is our commitment to our clients. Find out today what we can do for you and give us a call for further assistance.