Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs


Stay Comfortable by Using the Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs

Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs are designed for individuals having Bariatric problems. The chairs are foldable and the frame is designed in a way to support over 550 lb weight and up-to30’’ in seat width.They are manually operated and save on power as no battery is used to drive the chairs. They remain stable during swivels offront casters due to the Centre of Gravity Adjustment mechanism. The excellent braking system of the chairs keeps them under control of the attendant who takes care of patients.

Built with maximum comfort and perfect for storage, bariatric wheelchairs also offer unique footplates that swing to open. So, a person comfortably enters in the chairs and rests their feet on the unique footplates. The Extra Wide Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs are built for all age groups. The seat height and back height are adjustable depending on the size of the person seated on the chairs. As the Chairs fold so they won’t occupy much space when not in use. Just like power wheelchairs, bariatric manual wheelchairs are available in various styles and frames. We are pleased to highlight the fact that Affordable Medical Equipment deals in a variety of manual yet bariatric wheelchairs meeting the varied needs of customers.

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  1. Paramount XD
    Paramount XD

    The Paramount XD Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchair 

    • Available in 26" or 30" seat widths 
    • 19" Seat Depth 
    • 650lbs weight capacity 
    • Two-position seat height adjustment 
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  2. Traveler® HD
    Traveler® HD

    Traveler HD Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchair

    • Available in 20",22" and 24" Seat widths 
    • Black Leatherette upholstery 
    • Hammertone paint durable finish 
    • 500lb weight capacity 
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Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs are also Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs are designed to support heavy weight or bulky individuals having. The chairs are built for people with mobility issues and suffering from health conditions like cardiopulmonary diseases, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis of the lower extremities. So, these wheelchairs are ideal to use by those people who are looking for mobility devices that overcome the aforementioned issues and regain their independence comfortably and securely.

Bariatric manual wheelchairs keep people stable who are seated on them with a pan style seat and a robust frame that make the chairs suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Aircraft grade aluminum is used to build the wheelchairs that make their body very strong while they also stay light in weight. The chairs are used indoors and outside with great ease.  Design and technology supports use of the chairs on all terrains.

Other Important Features that Add to Purchase Points of Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs

The Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs are fitted with a prescription – based seat and back system so as to become compatible with all human body sizes and shapes. The center of gravity gets adjusted during movement with the adjustable axle plate of the vehicle. The wheelchairs are manually operated with the help of aluminum rims on the wheels. For attendants there are two handles at the back of the chairs. The cushion of the seat is washable with soap water. There are armrests on both sides consisting of rubberized bars to support elbows. The back angle adjusts positions for better positioning and superior comfort. In some chairs there is extra support for legs other than the footplates. They are also found to have adjustable height head pillow for the comfort of owners. The chairs are designed for easy maneuverability and are safe for patients under all conditions. Safety of the vehicles is further increased with adjustable toggle wheel locks. The wheelchairs are fully detachableand easily pack up for transportation.They occupy very less space in folded condition. So, they are easily lifted and stowed in vehicles for transportation. There are several models to choose from in the Extra Wide Category depending on the size and need of an individual. The frame colors of the chairs are found in black, red and blue. Limited lifetime warranty is extended on frames, cross-braces and other parts of Bariatric Wheelchairs.

What to consider when buying Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs?

Weight Capacity- Even the weight capacity of one bariatric manual wheelchair differs from the other. Some chairs support weight up to 550 lbs whereas some are competent to hold 800 lbs also. Thus, primarily evaluate the weight of a limited mobility person and accordingly make a purchase.

Chair Width- A chair with a small width can make sitting uncomfortable for the person. Moreover, a wheelchair with extra width would be highly expensive. The standard width of a bariatric wheelchair comes in 20’’ and goes up to 34’’. Thus, as mentioned above, consider your requirements and accordingly make a purchase.

Portability- Some wheelchairs are foldable in nature and ideal to use by those people who leave their homes often. These chairs are easy to store in a vehicle’s trunk as they have removable and foldable footrests and armrests. Additionally, pay special attention to the wheels factor and understand the terrains on which they travel well. If you want to travel outdoors frequently, invest money in those wheelchairs that are durable to move comfortably over dirt and gravel.

With the availability of so many options, it is a herculean task to choose the right model of bariatric or extra wide bariatric manual wheelchairs for yourself. Rated as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality mobility assistive devices, our trained and professional staff will help you in choosing the right model that suits your needs.