Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs


Stay Comfortable by Using the Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs

Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs are designed for individuals having Bariatric problems. The chairs are foldable and the frame is designed in a way to support over 550 lb weight and up-to30’’ in seat width.They are manually operated and save on power as no battery is used to drive the chairs. They remain stable during swivels offront casters due to the Centre of Gravity Adjustment mechanism. The excellent braking system of the chairs keeps them under control of the attendant who takes care of patients.

Built with maximum comfort and perfect for storage, bariatric wheelchairs also offer unique footplates that swing to open. So, a person comfortably enters in the chairs and rests their feet on the unique footplates. The Extra Wide Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs are built for all age groups. The seat height and back height are adjustable depending on the size of the person seated on the chairs. As the Chairs fold so they won’t occupy much space when not in use. Just like power wheelchairs, bariatric manual wheelchairs are available in various styles and frames. We are pleased to highlight the fact that Affordable Medical Equipment deals in a variety of manual yet bariatric wheelchairs meeting the varied needs of customers.