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Backpacker AVP

Backpacker AVP
  • Easily lift transport scooters inside SUVs
  • 12 Volt DC motor
  • Wireless operation with two button hand control system
  • Quick install kit for easy installation
  • 31 opening height required in SUVs
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Backpacker AVP

Backpacker AVP

The Backpacker AVP is designed with the idea to easily load and unload mobility vehicles. The steel platform of the lift is constructed in a way to enable easy drive on and drive off of mobility vehicles. The 12 V motor of the lift is capable of raising weights up to 350 lbs.

The Backpacker AVP carries power chairs and scooters inside SUVs enabling cover and weather protection of mobility chairs. Two button hand control system makes operation easy and reliable. Vehicle modification is not needed and there is a kit for quick installation.

So now there is no need to worry about carrying mobility vehicles as the Backpacker AVP lifts and stows vehicles inside SUVs.


  • Dual remote for safe and easy operation
  • Operates wirelessly
  • Platform is adjustable 42 34
  • Lifts most scooters and power chairs
  • Platform has adjustable wheel shocks
  • Easily raises 350 lbs weight
  • Manual override
  • Rear hatch sensors automatically disables lift when rear hatch is closed
  • Platform illuminates with puddle lights
  • Lockout to prevent unauthorized operation
  • Battery beeps and flashes under 10 volts
  • Two button hand control system

Backpacker AVP secures mobility vehicles on its platform with a strap. The vehicle is then lifted easily and secured inside SUVs. It operates with an easy to use hand control mechanism. The battery keeps supplying constant power and beeps when charge goes down.

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