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Harmar Hybrid Platform Lift AL600

TheHarmarHybrid Platform LiftAL600is a power lift that comes compactly designed and is ideal for almost scooters. It can be used in small cargo carrier vehicles, SUV??s and cross-overs. It??s easy turn handles allow swift retraction of the platform. The weight distribution handlebars are used for easy and secure lifting of power chairs and scooters.

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The AL600 Full Extension Power system is an ideal solution for transportation of mobility chairs. Its compact design places your power chair right in your minivan. This means your power chair and the AL600 platform lift stays safe from being exposed to bumpy roads, rain, snow, hot sun or other extreme weather or road conditions. Its patented design provides for a solution for almost all power chairs. The Harmar Hybrid Platform Lift AL600has a 35"vertical motion. The installation process is simple with no drilling in the vehicle and no seat hardware requirements. Your second row is still fully useable.

The Harmar brid Platform LiftAL600 is automatic, ergonomic and simple. There??s even a remote key option!


  • There are no device modifications necessary while using this platform. All standard power chairs and scooters fit well in it
  • It is very compact and needs only 32 cargo headroom and 43 of depth
  • Second row seating ensured with no drilling necessity in vehicles
  • Remotely controlled by hand with the push of a button
  • It is ideal for minivans, SUVs and other crossover vehicles
  • Folding seat adapter kept as an optional part.

Harmar AI600 Specifications

Lift capacity: 350 lbs

Platform Dimension: 28.5" x 38" For Scooter 50"

Headroom space: 32

Weight: 179 lbs

Securing option: Manual tie-down straps

Other Options: It has a wireless remote system available in self-tensioning straps and battery packs.

Warranty: Valid for three years

Wireless remote system: Wireless remote system is an addition and it works to deploy and return the chair from the vehicle.

Harmar is the industry leader in vehicle lifts and with the Harmar AL600 Platform Lift, anyone can afford to move their power chair across town or across the country! Compared to other options, the AL600 provides smooth transportation of your power chair. The Harmar Hybrid platform lift AL600makes it easy to load your scooter or power chair in a vehicle. The AL600 Hybrid lifting capacity gives you and easy way to lift the chair on most minivans and SUVs. In-fact, the platform itself rises and retracts in the vehicle. It is the best solution for power chair and scooter transportation. The Harmar AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift works with just the push of a button.

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