Canes Crutches and Walking Sticks

Flexyfoot Cork Handle Folding Walking Sticks


  • Better grip on all surfaces
  • Advanced shock absorption
  • Reduces pain and discomfort in palms, wrists and shoulders
  • Helps to keep you more mobile
  • More secure in bad weather conditions
  • Longer lasting innovative ferrule

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Why Should I Choose a Folding Stick?

Inject some vitality into your walking aid and try our folding walking stick, with the choice of a cork or oval handle and a Flexyfoot ferrule fitted as standard.

Easily adjustable, the folding design also makes this walking stick compact and very convenient to transportwith its own carry bag included.

Adjustable between 32" and 36".

Cork Handle vs Oval Handle

The cork handle is designed to make your stick feel more like a sporty hiking pole, while retaining the robust weight bearing capability of a walking stick or walking cane. Withsmooth and breathable corkover-moulded onto a structured matte black base, this handle provides ultimate comfort.

The unique oval handle offers soft grip along with an ergonomic design to improve comfort and stability. Designed to spread the forces over a wide area of the hand to reduce the stress and impact, it is reminiscent of a Fischer style handle but with the benefit of being able to be used in either hand. The handle has also been designed so that your weight sits directly over the stick rather than being offset. This keeps the wrist and hand in a neutral position which helps reduces strain.

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