Battery Recharging

Buzz Extreme Charging Deck

  • Take your Buzzaround power scooter with you everywhere. With the Buzz Extreme Charging Deck, you can easily
  • Park your Golden Buzzaround mobility scooter at the door, garage, back porch, etc.
  • Charge the batteries inside your home
  • Works with old Battery Boxes that don't have plugs at the backĀ 
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The charging dock is lightweight and portable and used for charging the interlocking U1 batteries. If you are planning long trips with the Buzzaround mobility scooter, you can get an extra set of batteries and always have a ready set on standby. Charge one set in the Charging Deck while you're off enjoying the day. With the Golden Buzzaround Extreme Charging Deck you can always have an extra set of ready batteries with you. The Extreme charging deck is compatible with two models of Golden Technologies scooters: Buzzaround EX 3 wheel (GB118D) and EX 4 wheel (GB148D).

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