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Vive LED Magnifying Glass

  • Light weight, easy to hold
  • See hight quality images clearly through the distortion-free lenses
  • High power LED light
  • Small and compact enough to travel in a purse or handbag
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This durable yet lightweight magnifying glass has 2 lenses. It has a 5x lens and a 10x lens that are distortion free because they are made of an optical acrylic plastic to provide clear and sharp images. With your magnifying glass you get a cloth storage bag as well as a lens cleaning cloth and 3 AAA batteries. The handles are cleaned with a damp cloth and dried immediately. Its compact size of 4"L x 1.5"W x 8.25"H allows for easy storage in your purse or carry on for traveling. The batteries are easily changed by pushing the lever at the bottom of the magnifying glass to remove the cover and replace with 3 AAA batteries. The lenses can also be replaced by first pressing the two tabs located at the base of the handle. Remove the lens. Insert the new lens into the slot and press down until it clicks in place.

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