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VIVE 23" Shoe Horn with Sock Remover

  • Made with durable composite material
  • Rounded finished edge prevents snags is hose and socks
  • Unique 2 piece design for easy travel
  • Minimizes bending and twisting and allows for putting on shoes while standing
  • Designed to use with any shoe
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Easily put on your socks, shoes, or hosiery with this durable composit plastic shoe horn without snagging or ripping your socks. You can easily put on just about any kind of shoe ranging from tennis shoes, to dress shoes like heels, as well as boots with out caving in the back of your favorite shoe. Its unique 2 piece design allows for easy travel in your suit case and its oval hand grip allows for easy gripping for those with dexterity issues. The integrated smooth hook will easily help you remove your socks without beding or twisting.

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