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Vehicle and Everyday Transfer Patient Lift

The Bestlift PL350CT is perfectly built to transfer patients in and out of cars. The PL350CT positions patients from sitting to lying posture depending on the need. The lift transports patients weighing 350 lbs

Key Features and functions 

  • 350 User Weight Capacity 
  • Fits into most vehicles 
  • Folds down for transporting 
  • Can be used for everyday transfers
  • Design for Vehicle Transfers





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All New PL350CT Full Body Portable Patient Lift

The Bestlift PL350CT is a magnificent lift to transfer patients from car, wheelchair, seat or bed. The spreader bar of the PL350CT positions patients from a sitting to lying down state. The lift??s folding up capacity makes it very versatile.


  • Lifting capacity 350 lbs
  • Eases transfer from cars
  • Fully electric lift with spare battery support
  • Portable and folds
  • Transports Easily
  • Plastic clip sling compatible
  • Comfort and safety of patient ensured
  1. Folds and transports:The Bestlift PL350CT folds and packs in a van, car or SUV for transportation. The folding system fits in any car trunk.

  2. Transfers patients easily:Patients are placed in and out of cars or trucks with the PL350CT. Just one caretaker can manage the transfer of a patient.

  3. Good lifting range: The PL350CT lifts patients 74 inches from the ground.

  4. Positioning patients during transfer:The spreader bar of lift tilts patients in sitting or lying down position when transferred.

  5. Fully Electric Lift:The 350CT is a fully electric lift with a rechargeable battery.


  • Base Leg length - 41.17"
  • Base closed width- 25.8"
  • Mast height - 44.0"
  • Min Lifting height- 26.31"
  • Max Lifting height- 56.57"
  • Net-weight- 62.8lbs

The PL350CT lifts and transfers patients without any difficulty on the part of caregivers. Transfer of patients in SUVs and small vehicles is done with ease.

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