TSA Approved Battery for GB120 Fold Down Scooter

TSA Approved Battery for GB-120 or Carryon Fold Down Scooter

                TWO TSA-Approved Battery Options for your GB120 Mobility Scooter 

  • 6.5 AH (156 WH)  Lithium Ion Battery TSA Approved Battery Up to 7.4 Miles - Short Range TSA Approved  Battery 
  • 12 AH (300 WH) Lithium Ion Battery TSA Approved Battery Up to 14 Miles - Long Range TSA Approved 

Golden Now Offers Two Options for TSA-Approved Batteries. 

The mileage of the battery will vary in weight, surface, and speed. 

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TSA Approved Battery Option for Golden "Carryon Fold Flat Mobility Scooter Model #GB120

Golden Technologies Carryon Fold Flat Mobility Scooter now has options for TSA TSA-approved batteries.  Golden just released a long-range TSA-approved 12 AH 300-watt hour Battery for up to 14 miles of battery travel range.  This battery is double the size compared to the original 6.5 AH 156-watt Hour Battery.  TSA Approved Batteries will also come with a fire proof travel bag to carry the battery on board the airplane. 

Lithium-Ion Battery Air Transportation Guide
    What to Know when traveling with a Lithium Battery by Air Transport 

  • The battery can not exceed 300 Watt Hours (WH) 
  • The Battery must be removed from the Mobility Scooter and taken on the Airplane. 
  • The battery must be contained in a fireproof carry bag.  This precaution ensures that any potential fire is contained within the bag.



Battery Option Video 

Choose between the 6.5 AH or 12.5 AH Battery. 

The Video above explains the difference between the TSA Batteries.  

6.5 AH 156 Watt Hour Battery has a short range up to 7.4  miles but that will also depend on some variables to get that full ride distance. 

12.5 AH 300 Watt Hour Battery has a long Range up to 14 Miles, But that will also depend on some variables to get that full ride distance  

Enclosed Bag For GB120 or GB120TSA 

Video of the Buzzaround GB-120 Scooter Cover 

We offer some Extra Accessories 

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Carryon Model Number GB-120 TSA-Approved Battery

Technical Specifications 6.5 AH Battery Pack 

6.5 AH ( 156 WH) Up to 7.4  Miles TSA APPROVED 

12 AH (300 WH) Up to 14  Miles - TSA APPROVED 

15 AH ( 365 WH ) Up to 18 Miles - Not TSA APPROVED 

Working Content 10A
Life Span 80% capacity remaining after 300 Charge Cycles 
Manufacturer Roffer Energy Technology Co, LTD 
Model Number MBE-BATT-65LITH
Ratings 2200MAH 3.7V 8.14 WH
Air Safe Transport YES
Charging Port on Battery YES

Transport of the 6.5 AH or 12 AH battery pack on all commercial aircraft is subject to federal  regulation  and all airline policies.  Please Consult with your airline before your flight to ensure your Buzzaround Carryon scooter and its lithium-ion battery pack are permitted. 


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