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Stocked First Aid Kit, 50 Person

Stocked First Aid Kit - 50 Person

  • Meets OSHA recommendations and ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2009
  • Water- resitant plastic case with handle
  • Can be mounted to wall
  • Suitable for up to 50 Employees
  • Designed for Small business and work sites
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Stocked First Aid Kit - 50 Person

The Stocked First Aid kit, has supplies suitable for up to 50 employees. The kit is ideal for small business, churches, playgrounds, buses, work sites. Kit will include assortment of bandages, gauze pads, tape, ointment and more. The kit is water-resistant plastic case with handle, can be mounted to the wall. Meets the OSHA recommendations and ANSI/ISE Z308.1-2009.

Inside the Kit will include

  • Medicine & Antiseptics
  • Bandages
  • Injury Treatment
  • Reference & instruments
  • Total of 253 Pieces
  • Size of Plastic Case - 10-3/4"x11-1/4"x3"
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