Safety Rails

Stable Bed Rail

  • Fits 8??- 18?? mattress, fits on any adjustable bed
  • 4 pocket organizer Pouch
  • Ergonomic cusion handles
  • Easy to assemble. No additional tools required
  • Safety strap secures rail between mattress and bed frame
  • Non-slip legs reaching the ground

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The Stable Bed Rail is designed for home and hospital beds. The bed rail assists you to get in and out of bed. The non-slip legs provide extra stability as they plant firmly on floor. The ergonomic handle of the rail provides a stable support to safely get out of bed. The rail fits between mattress and bed frame and the anti-slip grip makes it very strong.

The stable bed rail setup is customized based on need. No tools are required to make any adjustments. Four pockets on the cover maximize storage space. The rail also protects you from falling out of bed.

Features and Benefits

  • Cushion handle provides support to get in and out of bed.
  • The non-slip legs plant firmly on ground for extra stability
  • Easy setup - no tools required
  • Fits in-between mattress and bed frame with anti-slip grips
  • Safe - the stable bed rail protects against falls
  • Keeps essential items inside four pocket organizer pouches
  • Universal height matches home and hospital beds
  • Low profile
  • Supports 300 lbs weight
  • Lifetime Guarantee

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