Mobility Scooter Accessories

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  1. Weatherbreaker Canopy - Max Protection
    Weatherbreaker Canopy - Max Protection

    Max Protection Weatherbreaker Canopy 

    • 3 - Sided protection with plastic drapes 
    • Colors: Teal, Navy Blue, Cranberry Red and Charcoal Gray 
    • Available in Adult or Pediatric size 
    • Made in the USA
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  2. Weatherbreaker Canopy - Vented Model
    Weatherbreaker Canopy - Vented Model

    Weatherbreaker Canopy - Vented Model 

    • Includes side/rear mesh window and rear cover 
    • Available in four colors 
    • Size option: Adult or pediatric 
    • Made in the U.S.A
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  3. Weather Breaker Canopies  - Base Model
    Weather Breaker Canopies - Base Model

    Weather Breaker Canopy - Base Model 

    • Fabric all around sides and back 
    • Comes in Four color options 
    • Available in adult or pediatric size
    • Made in the U.S.A 
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  4. Buzzaround Color Shroud Kits
    Buzzaround Color Shroud Kits

    Change the Color of your scooter.  The Shroud kits will work for all the Buzzaround Scooter line models 

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  5. Tube Cane Holder
    Tube Cane Holder

    The Cane Holder Tube from Golden -

    • fits on the universal mounting bracket on the back of your scooter. 
    • It improves your safety.
    • Can be used on the Companions, Buzzaround, LiteRider, Envy and Avenger
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  6. EZ-ACCESSORIES® Scooter Arm Tote
    EZ-ACCESSORIES® Scooter Arm Tote

    Product Features:

    • Easy Storage: The Scooter Arm Tote keeps your personal belongings safe and accessible during your outdoor trips. It features adjustable a strap which is easy to attach on the armrest of almost any mobility scooter.
    • 4 Pockets: It features one zipper pocket and three mesh pockets for storing items like mobile phones, keys, glasses, etc.
    • Flexible: The Scooter Arm Tote is easy to use with manual wheelchair, mobility scooter, walkers, etc.
    • Easy to Maintain: You can hand wash the Tote with mild soap and cold water. Line dry after washing.
    • Warranty: The Scooter Arm Tote Bag comes with a one-year warranty.
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  7. EZ-ACCESSORIES® Scooter and Power Chair Pack
    EZ-ACCESSORIES® Scooter and Power Chair Pack

    • Durable, water-resistant
    • Available in black
    • One zipper pouch and expandable side pockets
    • Headrest grommets provide added strength to the pack
    • Easy to wash with mild soap and cold water
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  8. EZ-ACCESSORIES® Power Chair Cover
    EZ-ACCESSORIES® Power Chair Cover
    • Mesh sleeve that fits on Power chair’s backrest
    • Carry your important items on your Chair’s back while keeping your hands free
    • Durable nylon material used
    • Water resistant nylon prevents spilling
    • Dimensions are 14.5" x 6" x 16"
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  9. Full Scooter Cover
    Full Scooter Cover

    Weather resistant cover for our electric lifts and your scooter.  Fully Incloses the scooter.  Keeping the water from splashing up.  Very important to have your scooter fully inclosed. 

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  10. EZ-ACCESSORIES® Scooter Cover
    EZ-ACCESSORIES® Scooter Cover

    Safeguard your mobility device from sun, dust and rain by covering it with the EZ-ACCESSORIES® Scooter and power chair covers. Made from mildew resistant nylon, these covers are water resistant, easy to use and light in weight. These covers are available in two sizes and in standard black color.

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Mobility Scooter Accessories For Sale

Mobility scooters are ideal medical assistive devices for those people, who feel discomfort to get around without any external assistance. The seniors and limited mobility people feel independent and confident to run down to the local store or catch up with their friends at any moment when a mobility scooter is by their side. With the help of hordes of mobility scooter accessories, users can extend the versatility of these motorised vehicles. At Affordable Medical Equipment, we offer different kinds of stylish and comfortable accessories making these electric devices more powerful and user-friendly.

What are Mobility Scooter Accessories?

The mobility scooter accessories are designed specifically to enhance the performance of a three or four-wheeled mobility scooter. Mobility scooters accessories specifically aim at improving the overall safety and comfort level of the rider. These accessories enhance the functional value of the assistive mobility devices and even support the active lifestyle of riders. With the help of mobility scooters accessories, they can carry many essential items safely during their trips and park their scooters safely without worrying about weather conditions. At Affordable Medical Equipment, we have been dealing with all those accessories that will improve the riding experience of users and even extend the longevity of the vehicle.

Best Collection of Mobility Scooters Accessories

Users will find a wide collection of accessories with universal fit and from all leading brands. Some of the accessories available at our online store are:

  • Mobility Scooter Covers: If you park you mobility scooter outdoors, then there are chances that external weather conditions like rain, hailstorm or snow can affect its functionality in the long run. So, protect your prized possession with these uncontrollable weather factors by using mobility scooters covers. These covers are water-proof, lightweight and easy to fit.
  • Mobility Canopies: Mobility scooters are must-to-have mobility scooters accessories if you enjoy remaining outdoors even during the adverse weather conditions. Made from water-resistance and lightweight material, we deal with different styles and colors of mobility canopies suitable to use with lightweight as well as bariatric mobility scooters. Most of the canopies are available in attractive colors like teal, navy blue, charcoal grey, etc.
  • Scooter Arm Tote: Keep your personal belongings handy during the outdoor trip by keeping them inside scooter arm tote. The high-quality tote features one zipper pocket, three mesh pockets and an adjustable strap that fits perfectly on the armrest of any kind and style of mobility scooter.

You can even shop online for other useful mobility scooter accessories like seat back pouches, cane holders, colour shroud kits, tiller baskets, under seat bags and more! In case you are not able to find any accessory at our store, do not feel disheartened. Simply give us a call and we will help you in best possible manner.

We know how much important a mobility scooter holds in your life, thus ships most of the product within 24 hours of receiving the request. So, choose the accessory and place your order today only!