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Many times when seniors are ill or recoving from an accident or surgery, they want to be home.  They don't want to be at the hospital.  This may mean that nursing care and the appropriate medical equipment are needed to help make it easy and comfortable for them at home. A high-quality hospital bed is one of those useful items that may on the priority list.  The heavy-duty or electric beds are more than just an ordinary ‘patient’s bed’.  Today, hospital beds come with additional benefits combined with innovative technology and useful services.  These products are suitable not only for day-to-day care, but also for promoting a speedy recovery.  In a word, a hospital bed is ideal for providing efficient care for patients at home.

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  1. Full electric bed Rental ( 36x80 )
    Full electric bed Rental ( 36x80 )
    • 1 Month: $150.00

    Full electric beds Rental ( 36x80 ) Bed is fully power- Head/ Feet and bed can be raised up and down. Comes in standard rolled foam mattress


    • Steel grid deck sleep surface provides superior mattress support and easy to clean surface compared to traditional spring deck
    • Fully electric bed - Powered Head, Foot and bed height 
    • Attractive, "home-like" thermo fused bed eds offer a less institutional look 
    • Features SilerSolutions- an anti microbial technology built into the paint that protects 
    • bed can be adjust from 10" to 20" powered - Mattress will add extra 4 inches 
    • Select between full, Half, or Quarter length Rails 
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  2. Heavy Duty wide Hospital Bed ( 42x80)
    Heavy Duty wide Hospital Bed ( 42x80)
    • 1 Month: $200.00

    Heavy Duty wide Hospital Bed ( 42x80) comes with Standard Foam or mattress or innerspring


    • Comfortably accommodates larger patients with a 600 lb. (272 kg) weight capacity and an extra-wide 42" (107 cm) x 80" (203 cm) deck.
    • Patient safety is ensured by an all-steel frame and heavy-duty pan deck.
    • Ideal positioning and comfort are offered by a hand control that can maneuver the bed into multiple positions.
    • Easy assembly with minimal tools required for set- up.
    • Height range: 18" to 26.5" (46 cm to 67 cm); Overall length88" (224 cm long); 600 lb (272 kg) weight capacity.
    • 2 Locking and 2 non-locking casters.
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  3. Semi Electric Hospital Bed ( 36 x80)
    Semi Electric Hospital Bed ( 36 x80)
    • 1 Month: $95.00
    Semi Electric Hospital Bed ( twin 36 x80) 350 weight capacity Head & Foot is Power adjustments Comes with standard rolled foam mattress.


    • Back and foot adjustment allow for an anatomically correct sleep surface
    • Channel frame construction provides superior strength and reduced weight
    • Easy to set up
    • Head and foot ends are interchangeable with Invacare and Sunrise
    • Head and foot section adjust electronically
    • Heavy duty, bed ends are attractive in any décor and easy to maintain
    • Height adjusts manually
    • Pendant has clip that allows it to be mounted over bed rail
    • Pendant will operate hand and foot section at the same time
    • Quiet, smooth operation
    • Reinforced frame resists twisting and bending
    • Side clips under angle iron store shaft when bed is unassembled
    • UL 73 pending, CSA approved
    • Zinc coated spring deck
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Hospital Bed Rental

When people have to spend an extended period of time in bed, the pressure that their bodies exert often causes skin tissue to become trapped between the bed surface and the bone, causing bed sores and pressure sores.  In that case, hospital beds provide an effective solution by helping caregivers to make adjustments to the positioning of the bed. This allows them to lie down comfortably by shifting the pressure from one part of their body to another.  Affordable Medical Equipment offers a range of healthcare beds for every clinical setting.  When used in combination with our wide portfolio of solutions, our beds encourage early mobility and efficient, dignified care.

Our high-quality hospital beds allow users to alter and adjust the bed to optimize their head and feet to a better position. These changes allow easy movement from time to time, thereby improving the patient’s blood circulation while on the bed.  Hospital bed rentals have become a necessity for people who suffer from conditions that require constant monitoring for a specified amount of time (weeks to months).  Especially for users who are at risk of falling from the bed or someone with heavy weight- the heavy duty wide beds assist in reducing the risk of fractures due to falls or other issues.

Full electric beds are a necessity for some patients.  These beds come with universal bed ends, half or full length side rails, and a basic foam mattress.  The mattress can be upgraded to user’s comfort and therapeutic needs for an upcharge. At Affordable Medical Equipment, we rent hospital beds in great condition. The beds undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitation process before being put back in the rental fleet. Considering the customer testimonials, we have chosen to rent out only the most popular and branded hospital beds.

The high-quality hospital beds make it possible for patients to experience easy getting in and out of beds.  They have the ability to raise the patient higher or lower as per the user’s choice.  Because of this feature, patients can sit up and get out of bed in the position with great ease.