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  1. Trus -T- Lift
    Trus -T- Lift

     Trus-T-Lift VPL

     Used for: Garages, porches, decks or other home access points 

    • Small foot print for use in existing or new homes 
    • 750 Weight Capacity 
    • Lifting Heights up to 14 feet of travel 
    • Soft Touch Control Pads
    • 8 feet / minute lift speed 
    • Direct Geared Belt Drive 
    • Low maintenance 
    • Emergency manual opertation 
    • Durable powder coat finish  

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  2. TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Ramp
    TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Ramp

    Product Features

    • Made of Aluminum:
      Made from high-strength aluminum that will not rust or corrode and can support up to 700 pounds.
    • Slip-resistant Surface:
      Features a safe, extruded slip-resistant surface for superior traction.
    • Adjustable Flap:
      This pivoting flap attaches to the top of the ramp to provide ¼” of additional adjustability.
    • Modular Design:
      Easily add or remove interchangeable extensions as needed to accommodate your threshold. Available in 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch heights. See specifications tab for accommodating height ranges when using the Adjustable Flap.
    • Pre-drilled Slots:
      Holes are pre-drilled in the foot section and Adjustable Flap for anchoring. Hardware included.
    • Made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.
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  3. Hawle Custom Curved Stair Lift
    Hawle Custom Curved Stair Lift
    Out of stock

    Stairlifts With Safety In Mind

    Both the HW10 indoor stairlift and the HW11 outdoor stairlift come equipped with many safety features, some of which include seatbelts, sensors on the footrest and on the back panels of the unit (which cause it to stop immediately should anything make contact with them), as well as an over speed governor switch which acts as an emergency brake. These custom curved stairlifts have been rated the safest stairlifts in Europe for the past several years and are now finally available for North America.

    Quality / Safety Selection

    • Our stairlifts are reliable, economical and powerful.
    • Our stairlifts are manufactured with quality made German materials.
    • We have stairlifts for indoor and outdoor living areas.
    • Our stairlifts can be installed in older and newer model homes.
    • Our stairlifts are custom built to your specifications.
    • Our stairlifts are mounted to the steps instead of the wall.
    • Our stairlifts offer space-saving parking even in exceedingly narrow spaces.
    • We offer a large variety of colors for our stairlifts and rail and have many choices for the uphostery (leather, fabric, and vinyl).
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    The TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Ramp is a portable, stand-alone threshold ramp featuring independently adjustable legs with swivel feet, allowing for vertical adjustment ranging from 1-3/8 to 5-7/8 inches in height. This self-supporting aluminum threshold ramp is ideal for doorways that swing in and out, uneven surfaces, or single step rises. Browse through the tabs to learn more about the Angled Entry Ramp.

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  5. TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat
    TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat

    The TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat securely accommodates doorways both inside and outside. It does not interfere with the door track and works especially well with sliding glass doors. It is made with 100% recycled rubber and provides a smooth and safe entry or exit. The Angled Entry Mat is available in three colors: Black, Storm Grey, and Hazelnut Brown. Learn more about the TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Mat by exploring the tabs on this page!

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  6. Gateway Aluminum Wheelchair Access Ramp with Handrails
    Gateway Aluminum Wheelchair Access Ramp with Handrails

    GATEWAY™ Solid Surface Ramp With Handrails

    Quick Specs

    •  Welded aluminum construction
    •  Ramps feature a standard width of 36 inches
    •  Permanent (extruded) slip-resistant surface
    •  Weight capacity of 850 pounds
    •  Available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, & 10-foot lengths
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  7. Gateway Wheelchair Access Ramp NO/HANDRAILS
    Gateway Wheelchair Access Ramp NO/HANDRAILS

    Gateway Wheelchair Access Ramp NO/HANDRAILS 

    Features :

    • Ideal for temporary or semi-permanent access
    • Aluminum construction may be used indoors or outdoors and will not rust
    • Holds 850 lbs
    • Extra wide 36" width fits larger wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or people with canes
    • 3" side rails prevent slipping off edge

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  8. Advantage Singlefold Suitcase
    Advantage Singlefold Suitcase

    The SUITCASE® Singlefold AS Ramp is one of our most versatile portable ramps. This ramp can be used as one unit or easily separated into two lightweight sections, making it even more convenient to use, carry, and store.

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  9. SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp
    SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp
    Out of stock

    This portable ramp, with its single-fold design, sets up quickly and is ideal for scooters and wheelchairs. Made of lightweight aluminum with an easy-to-carry design, the SUITCASE Singlefold Ramp is fitted with ergonomically-designed handles and a full-length hinge for additional strength and stability. Designed for high traffic use, this durable ramp is available in 2’ to 8’ lengths and features an extruded slip-resistant tread for superior traction. Browse through the tabs below to learn more.

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  10. PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift
    PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift

    When surrounding space is limited or higher rises are present, the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift is the ideal home access solution for any difficult porch, deck or other raised entry.

    • Made in the USA and carries a two-year warranty.
    • Lightest VPL on the Market 
    • All- Aluminum structure 
    • 52" and 72" lifting heights with straight, turn, or dual access Platforms
    • 750 LB. Weight Capacity 
    • ETL Certified- independently tested and approved for product safety. 
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