Pride Go-Go® Travel Mobility Scooters


Go-Go Travel Portable Scooters - We have a full selection of the Go - Go Mobility Scooters 

  • Go Go - ES is the most affordable scooter with 250 weight Capacity and two speed option of high and low.  This scooter does not disassemble but is light weight for loading.  
  • Go Go Ultra X is the next step up, comes in three or four wheels - 260 Weight Capacity and quick disassemble.  Not much leg room, Battery can be charge away from the unit. 
  • Go Go - Elite Traveller is the next step up from the Ultra X with more leg room and larger tires, works best on hard surfaces.  This unit can be purchase three or four wheels, upgrade battery option for longer travel range. 
  • Go Go - Lx -  The Go Go LX is the only scooter in the go go line tha has CTS Supsensions system.  Optional battery upgrade for longer travel, still comes with quick feather- touch disassembly and maximum speed up to 4.5 miles. Lx comes with 6 different interchangeable shroud color option. 
  • Go Go Sport- The Go Go Sport will be the best Go Go for outside in the yard and gives you the option for easy feather-touch disassembly for travel.  Larger wheels and standard upgraded HD batteries for travel range up to 15.9 miles, 4.7 mph and 325 weight capacity