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Power of Red, Nose Cutout Cup

Ideal for people who can??t tilt their heads with the Power of Red to increase Eating for Individuals with Alzhemier's and Dementia

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Why do Alzheimer??s and Dementia patients need the Power of Red?

  • Patients may have difficulty processing visual data such as the contrast between items.
  • As symptoms worsen, motor skills become impaired, making it more difficult to hold and
    manipulate items.
  • Proper nutrition can be difficult to maintain when there is a reduction in eating.

Why the Power of Red works for Alzheimer??s and Dementia Patients

  • Bright red dinnerware shows the contrast between food and drinks, allowing the user to recognize them.
  • Studies have shown an increase in eating and drinking by patients with Alzheimer??s and Dementia when utilizing red dinnerware.
  • Products are designed to be used by people with decreased motor skills.


  • Designed for Users Who Have Difficulty Tilting Their Head Back
  • Shaped to Provide Room For Nose When Tilted Back
  • 8 oz. Fluid Capacity
  • Using Red Dinnerware has Shown to Increase Eating for Individuals with Alzhemier's and Dementia
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