Power Chair Swing Away Joystick Mounts


A mounting arm for the joystick with an articulating (hinged) joint that makes it possible to swing the control away and back. Most models have a tension mechanism for locking the arm into the forward position. These items can be obtained from the wheelchair manufacturer or a number of aftermarket sources. Depending on the source there are slight differences in design. These devices are primarily used to allow powered wheelchair users to get closer to and under tables, desks, etc.



  • Makes it possible to move the joystick out of the way to get closer to tables, desks, and workstations.


  • The position locking mechanism or the moving parts may loosen after time making the joystick box wobbly and difficult to lock and hold in place.
  • User may not be able to manage the device independently.
  • Most often this device is an optional upgrade to the wheelchair and will add extra expense.

Ziggi Landsman

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