Power Chair Cover


  • Heavy duty, light weight power chair cover
  • 600x300 polyester with PVC backing
  • Covers powerchairs completely covered while transporting
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Our power chair cover keeps power chairs clean from dust, safe from rain, and protected from exposure to direct sun. The lightweight, water resistant cover has an oversized sack that covers your scooter completely. The cover conveniently fits on all scooters and power chairs.

Power chair covers are cleaned with cold water and soap. They offer excellent protection for your expensive scooter. The vehicle is kept safe from direct rain, ice, snow or hail 24 hours a day. To provide extra cinching, the bottom of cover has grommets to tie up with bungee cords. The grommet's draw cord and cord lock options tighten the bungee cords completely. The benefit is there remains little chance of your power chair cover sliding or pulling off in town or going down a windy highway.

The power chair cover is a high-quality weather cover. Model 1, the regular power chair cover, has 400-denier nylon with urethane backing. Model 2 a Heavy Duty power chair cover with 600 x 300 polyester and PVC backing. As a precaution, put on covers and tie with cords from top to bottom grommet holes. This prevents billowing when travelling at high speeds.


  • Heavy Duty Power Chair Cover
  • 600 x 300 polyester with PVC backing
  • 400-denier nylon with urethane backing
  • High-quality weather covers
  • Covers power chairs while carrying on SUVs, minivans, crossover vehicles, etc.
Put the power chair cover on mobility vehicles the entire day to decrease chances of weather-related problems and to keep your chair always looking brand new.

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