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  1. Vehicle and Everyday Transfer Patient Lift
    Vehicle and Everyday Transfer Patient Lift

    The Bestlift PL350CT is perfectly built to transfer patients in and out of cars. The PL350CT positions patients from sitting to lying posture depending on the need. The lift transports patients weighing 350 lbs.

    Key Features:

    • 350 lbs lifting capacity
    • Battery operated
    • Easily transports patients
    • Floor to chair lifting
    • Equipment folds
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  2. Pro Battery-Powered Floor Lift
    Pro Battery-Powered Floor Lift

    Lumex floor lifts are designed to provide safer and more secure transfers of patients by caregivers. Lumex lifts are very sturdy and easy to use.

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  3. Bariatric Easy Lift STS
    Bariatric Easy Lift STS


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  4. Battery-Powered Sit-to-Stand Lifts
    Battery-Powered Sit-to-Stand Lifts


    Sit-to-Stand lifts help patients to rise on their feet from a seated to standing position in a secure and comfortable way. It is designed for a firm grip and easy lift for patients.

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  5. Battery-Powered Floor Lifts
    Battery-Powered Floor Lifts

    A battery powered floor lift is designed to raise patients from a sitting or lying position and transfer them securely.  Safety of patients is ensured by slings, straps, easy grip and locking wheels.

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  6. New Orbit 360
    New Orbit 360

    The ORBIT™ Patient Transfer Lift raises and transfers people with less mobility. The design allows use of ancillary medical equipment.  Complete control of Orbit 360 is possible with an articulating arm, pivoting stanchion, 360-degree spin and brakes. The arm of the lift folds to the convenience of owners.

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