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  1. Pro Battery-Powered Floor Lift
    Pro Battery-Powered Floor Lift

    The Lumex Pro-Battery-Powered floor lift supports heavy gauge steel construction with exceptional lift weighing capacity and lifts 5’5’’ from the floor. It comes with LCD panel, 24 VDC motor, low and overload battery charge indicator and more.

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  2. Bariatric Easy Lift STS
    Bariatric Easy Lift STS

    The Bariatric Easy Lift STS is designed exclusively for those patients who face trouble in standing from a seated position. The sit to stand lift is capable of lifting a 600 lb patient from a seated position. The advanced features of the lift are a low base making it suitable for home settings. Additionally, they’re made from sturdy steel construction, have large handles, an adjustable knee pad unit, a 24 VDC motor operation, and more.

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  3. Battery-Powered Sit-to-Stand Lifts
    Battery-Powered Sit-to-Stand Lifts


    • Lifting patients to standing position
    • 400 Lb Weight Capcity 
    • Sitting to a standing Position 
    • Optional Toileting Sling 
    • Optional Buttock Sling 

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  4. Hydraulic Lifts
    Hydraulic Lifts

    Lumex Patient Hydraulic Lift

    • Six point spreader bar 
    • 360 degree rotation 
    • Manual patient lift 
    • Optional digital scal
    • Easy disassembly for storage 
    • Color Option: Blue or Black/silver 
    • Optional Foot Pedal 

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