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New Orbit 360

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Orbit 360

Orbit 360 is a new way to transfer patients on lifts. The lift uses the latest in technology to lift patients conveniently. Comfort and safety of the patient is paramount while maneuvering the lift. The lift has two options - the floor to wall or floor to ceiling mount. In a wall mounted position, arms remain folded flat to wall leaving clear passage. In floor to ceiling mount positions, arms stay folded in half and moves in suitable direction to ensure compactness.


Reach Options / Load Capacity

A 5?? arm has 10?? motion range and lifts 440 lbs weight. A 4?? arm has 8?? motion range and lifts 600 lbs weight.

Ceiling Height Reach

The Orbit 360 fits rooms with ceiling heights of 8??-12??. The lift can be mounted anywhere in the room depending on need.

Arms?? reach

The articulating arm and stanchion rotate 360 degrees. It is possible to make 3-point height adjustment of the arm. The lift is an ideal solution and provides flexibility and doorway transfers.


The Orbit 360 braking system slows movement of the stanchion allowing precise control of the lift.

Small Footprint:

Orbit does not have a fixed track or rolling system. It is not intrusive to the home or surrounding space. A compact design allows mounting in a location that is most convenient.

Assembly time reduced:

The lift??s single post design allows for installation positions to change from floor-to-ceiling to floor-to-wall depending on the need. Positions are changed with no disruptions to the home or family. The time required is but seconds.

Stores Compactly:

The lift gets stored compactly without clutter. In wall mount position, the arm stays folded flat to wall which means there are no obstacles in the walk path. When in ceiling mount position, the arm folds in half and stays positioned in any direction.


Ancillary medical equipment, portable motor, and sling are moved conveniently from one lift to another depending on the need of the owner. Multiple units can be placed in a home for optimal convenience.

The new Orbit 360 is a unique wall (or ceiling) mounted track solution with exceptional functionality. It fits on most wall constructions and mounts on ceilings. The Orbit 360 charges through the hand control or a wall/desk unit.

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