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Shortly after Essie’s 90th birthday, her physical health started to decline - and daily tasks like standing from her couch, bed, and car became quite difficult.  

At the time (1997) – there weren’t many tools to help Essie with these tasks; and in effort to help my grandmother age comfortably - I teamed up with my husband, Troy (a Rocket Scientist Engineer), and created a few “furniture-like” mobility aids to help Essie stand without ruining the comforting feeling of her home.

And for the first time in years – Essie felt confident in her mobility

Now Essie had the confidence and support she needed to live independently; and she continued to live in her home 7-years longer than we ever expected.

Stander offers a products for Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Automobile, and Daily Living.  Well built and easy to use products to keep everyone safe and staying independent.  

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  1. Fold-n-Go Walker
    Fold-n-Go Walker

    The Stander EZ Fold-n-Go Walker -

    • weighs 8 pounds.
    • folds up 4-times smaller than other walkers.
    • comes in 4 attractive colors.
    • comes in swivel or locking wheels.
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  2. Trust Indoor Rollator
    Trust Indoor Rollator

    The all new TRUST Indoor Scooter from Stander -

    • Serves as a great food and drink trolley.
    • Is great for storing personal items.
    • Has a lockingbrake.  Ideal for assisting in getting out of a chair.
    • Is easily controlled with one or two hands.
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  3. Handy Bar
    Handy Bar

    The Handy Bar is designed to assist in getting in and out of a car. Simply slide the handle on a door latch and you have a complete support and protection system. An added feature is a nose that serves as a windshield or window breaker. In addition, there is a seat belt cutter. The Handy Bar is an all-in-one solution for safety in cars.

    • Promotes Safety – Protects falls and eases standing or sitting in cars
    • Fits without vehicle modification – Simply slides in passenger or driver side of door latch without any vehicle modification
    • Fits Perpendicularly – The non-slip ergonomic grip fits perpendicular in door latch
    • Additional Advantage - Easily breaks glass and cuts seat belt during emergencies
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  4. Assist-A-Tray

    Assist-A-Tray is designed to support sitting down or standing up from a recliner sofa. It has a sturdy ergonomic handle, a swivel tray, cup holder and utensil compartment.

    • 360 Degrees Swivel Tray
    • Fits in Chairs and Couches
    • Height of Tray: 26”-32”
    • Height of Handle: 34”-40”
    • Base Adjustment: 20”-36”
    • Weight Capacity of Tray: 30 lbs
    • Weight Capacity of Handle: 250 lbs

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  5. PT BedCane
    PT BedCane
    • Height adjustments 19.25” to 25.25”
    • Ergonomic safety handle, Handle width: 6.5"
    • Made of steel Frame with durable powder coat finish
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  6. Bed Cane
    Bed Cane
    • Weights 12 lbs
    • Rail height adjustable 19’’-22’’
    • Rail width: 15’’
    • Assembles to install with 3 bolts
    • Fits mattress thickness 11’’-16’’
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  7. Stable Bed Rail
    Stable Bed Rail
    • Fits 8″- 18″ mattress, fits on any adjustable bed
    • 4 pocket organizer Pouch
    • Ergonomic cusion handles
    • Easy to assemble. No additional tools required
    • Safety strap secures rail between mattress and bed frame
    • Non-slip legs reaching the ground

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  8. Handy Handle
    Handy Handle

    The Handy Handle provides an easier grip and better leverage while helping someone stand from a couch, car, bed, or toilet. It's ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip and eliminates awkward grabbing or arm pulling.    

    • Efficient: Requires less energy to stand
    • Ergonomic: Non-slip grip
    • Portable: Take with you anywhere

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  9. The Curve Grab Bar
    The Curve Grab Bar
    • Attaches horizontally to the wall, providing extra stability
    • Protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy.
    • Can be pivoted to the position most convenient for the user.
    • Pivots and locks against the wall when not in use.

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  10. Security Pole
    Security Pole
    • Non-permanent tension mounted pole
    • Fits as bathroom grab bar, bedside support, chair standing support
    • Adjustable, fits ceilings 7-10 feet
    • Supports 300 lbs weight

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