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Driven by our commitment to enrich lives by providing access to life beyond barriers, EZ- ACCESS®, a division of Homecare Products Inc., was founded in 1984 by Glenda Everard and her daughter, Deanne Sandvold. In 1988, son Don Everard joined the family business, bringing with him marketing expertise. This trio was the driving force behind the expansion of the ramp market, having pioneered the industry through the marketing and manufacturing of EZ-ACCESS portable wheelchair ramps.

Today, we are embarking on a new journey with the goal of becoming “all about accessibility” in the residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational industries. Our signature products will now be joined by patient lifts, toilet lifts, door openers, and more to create a complete line of access products.

EZ-ACCESS operates out of two locations. Headquarters and West Coast manufacturing are located in Algona, Washington, 15 miles south of Seattle and East Coast manufacturing is located in Morganfield, Kentucky, where the company reinforces its family-based philosophy with customers, employees and community alike. The two manufacturing facilities enable faster and less expensive deliveries across the nation to all their customers.

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  1.  Trifold Advantage Series Wheelchair Ramp
    Trifold Advantage Series Wheelchair Ramp

    The SUITCASE® TRIFOLD® AS Ramp is a threefold designed ramp. The ramp folds to a single unit to look like a suitcase. Unfolded it is 10 feet in length and is placed on the landing deck of a truck, SUV, minivan or crossover.

    • Slip resistant
    • Ideal for power-chairs, wheelchairs and scooters
    • Self-adjusting bottom transition plates
    • Easy conversion from ramp to ground
    • Meets accessibility needs
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  2. Platform Safety Pan Weather Guard
    Platform Safety Pan Weather Guard

    Platform Safety Pan Weather Guard

    Safeguard your Passport Vertical Platform Lift by installing a Platform safety pan weather guard. The safety pan guard protects the base of the lift from debris and other outdoor elements. The safety pan weather guard is quickly installed by clipping to the safety pan.


    • Made from durable synthetic rubber
    • Quick installation
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  3. Ez-Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift
    Ez-Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift

    The Ez-Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift solves the challenges of easy access for individuals having limited mobility. The lift is an ideal solution for transferring an individual person to porch, difficult pathway or platform. Made from high quality aluminum, it is the lightest residential platform lift available on the market today. Equipped with Plug-N-Play wiring technology, the PASSPORT Vertical Platform Lift is EL certified. Having the capacity to hold 750 pounds of weight, the aluminum backed lift is 300 times lighter than steel made lifts.

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  4. TiLT® Toilet Incline Lift
    TiLT® Toilet Incline Lift

    The TiLT® Toilet Incline Lift 

    • Ideal and safe bathroom solution for those who have mobility issue  
    • Balance issues and are unable to use standard toilet seats comfortably.
    • Helps with safe lateral transfer from toilets
    • The lift allows user to put minimum pressure on hips and knees 


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  5. SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp
    SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp

    The SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp is made of aluminum metal to give the ramp the capability to bear 800 lbs weight. Easy installation, slip resistance, and unfolding into two ramps are the key features of the SUITCASE.

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  6. Passport Wireless Remote
    Passport Wireless Remote

    Make use of the Vertical Platform Lift even easier with our wireless key fob transmitter, which allows you to operate your PASSPORT from nearby locations, such as inside your house or vehicle. To provide you all the versatility and coverage you need, the Wireless Remote and the Call/Send Control option can be used together

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  7. Passport Call/ Send Control
    Passport Call/ Send Control

    Improve the functionality of Passport Vertical Platform Lift  by equipping it with the Passport Call Send Control feature. This feature gives flexibility to the user to ‘call’ the VPL to come to them. Individuals with limited mobility can press the “UP” button and the platform of the lift ascends and by pressing the “DOWN” button the lift descends.

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  8. Passport Interlock
    Passport Interlock

    Safety device intended to prevent an existing door from being opened when the lift is in the down position

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  9. Top Landing Gate
    Top Landing Gate

    Safeguard your Passport Vertical Platform Lift by installing the Top Landing Gate. The Top Landing Gate comes with a mechanical interlocking latch. The latch contains a magnetic reed switch which ensures proper operation of the lift and keeps the rider safe from any accidental injury. The Gate is available with the hinges on either the left or right side with the interlock feature. The Gate with hinges on either side are sometimes required by the local building codes.

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  10. Passport Platform Safety Rail
    Passport Platform Safety Rail

    The PASSPORT Platform Safety Rail is built to ensure full proof protection when lifting or coming down. Walls on both sides secure scooters or wheelchairs completely. Mounting the safety rail on its platform is easy with front and rear accessibility. The aluminum body makes it sturdy and the control box keys keep full control during lifts.

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