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  1. VivaLift Radiance Infinite Position Power Recliner


    VivaLift! Radiance Power Recliner!

    All the fantastic features of the VivaLift! Series Plus:

    • Standard heat!
    • Hideaway cup holder!
    • Wireless phone station for smartphones!
    • Newly designed programmable toggle remote!
    • USB charger!
    • New lift mechanism!
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    100 % of 100
    Special Price $1,704.00 Regular Price $1,759.00
  2. MaxiComfort Cloud Lift Recliner

    The MaxiComfort Cloud comes in 3 sizes - a small sized recliner for people with height ranging from 5'1"- 5'6", a medium sized recliner for people with height ranging from 5'7"- 6'2" and the new PR510MXW MaxiComfort Heavy Duty Cloud recliner. This chair is loaded with the best in technology and has enriched features for comfort.

    • Patented MaxiComfort Positioning
    • Programmable AutoDrive Hand Control
    • Optional Heat and Massage option!
    • AutoFlex for lumbar support!
    • Made in the USA
    • Multiple fabric choices, including the ever popular Brisa collection

    Medium chair available for quick shipping in Hazelnut, Sterling, and Ultra Brisa
    Small/Medium chair available for quick shipping in Hazelnut and Sterling!

    Class II Medical Device

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  3. PR515 Twilight Recliner with Lift

    MaxiComfort Cloud Lift Chair With TWILIGHT (PR515)

    The PR515 MaxiComfort Cloud Lift Recliner with Twilight comes in 2 sizes: small/medium and medium/large and is offered with many fabric choices to suit any decor, including the ever-popular and luxurious Brisa fabrics.

    • Programmable AutoDrive Hand Control
    • Made in the USA!

    Twilight Technology Recliner with Lift and 5 Comfort Zones

    • Rejuvenating positioning
    • Allows feet to be above the heart.
    • Lift Feature to help with standing
    • Maxicomfort Technology
    • Power Pillow & lumbar adjustment
    • 3-Year Warranty on all electronics 
    • Lifetime warranty on Frame 
    • 1 Year labor Free in Home Warranty 

    Class II Medical Device

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  4. EZ Sleeper MaxiComfort with Twilight

    The New Ez Sleeper with Twilight positioning technology features a modern, sleek design with a stylish track arm for ultimate Comfort.

    • Elevates Feet Above Heart
    • New Power Lumbar Support
    • New Power Head Rest
    • Ships Quick in our New Fabric Line

    Class II Medical Device

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  5. PLR4955 VivaLift - Ultra Lift Recliner

    All New Vivalift Ultra - Model # PLR4955

    • Tilt  technology for circulation 
    • New advanced massage system
    • Power headrest
    • Power backrest
    • Three heating zones in the shoulders, lumbar, and seat
    • Six standard fabrics: Cappuccino, Dove , Slate, & Smoke from the Capriccio collection and Brown & Charcoal from the new Trento collection
    • New! True leather option from the Sorrento Leather collection in a beautiful, rich coffee.
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  6. Ultra Comfort Recliner 100 % American Leather

    "New" Made With 100 % American Leather Ultra Lift Recliner.  

    • True-infinite Positioning
    • Advanced massage system for Gentle, soothing lower back massage 
    • Front tilt adjustments for elevated knees above the heart. 
    • Three heating locations in the Shoulder, Lumbar, and seat
    • Power HEAD and Lumbar Adjustments 
    • Upward lift for easy standing 
    • Hideaway Drink Holder & Wireless Charging 
    • 400 Pound Weight Capacity 
    • Lithium Battery backup system 

    This chair is ultra comfortable with many excellent features and 100 Percent American Leather. 


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    Special Price $2,789.00 Regular Price $3,479.00
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Zero Gravity Lift Chair Recliners

Have you recently noticed how popular zero gravity reclining seats are online? Or you tried the one at your friend's house and could not stop thinking about them? If so, you willbe happy to learn that these chair recliners from Affordable Medical USA are not just simply wonderfully comfortable. Additionally, zero-gravity chairs provide a number of health advantages!

If their enigmatic name piqued your interest, it's just a nod to the zero gravity pose NASA developed to help astronauts relax their bodies before take-off. You can achieve a 120° angle and a weightless position by lying on your back with your feet and head just above your chest.

 Fortunately, you do not need a rocket ship to take advantage of zero gravity chairs' health advantages!

OurZero Gravity Lift Chair Recliners help you stand straighter

As if zero gravity in and of itself were not enough, did you know that our Zero Gravity Lift Chairs work in two unique ways. These chairs' distinguishing position helps your spine decompress, adjusting the misalignments in your neck, shoulders, and spinal discs. By relying on this innovative design, they also assist you in maintaining proper posture while you sit down to read a book or watch TV, preventing you from slouching as you would on a couch or conventional chair.

The absence of gravity improves blood circulation

As previously indicated, your heart and feet are about in alignment as you unwind in the zero-gravity position:

  • This indicates that the former can function more effectively, making it simpler to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to your bloodstream and to every cell in your body.
  • Consequently, this position lessens swelling and soreness in your legs because of improved blood circulation.

Even though it is extremely relaxing for everyone, especially after a long day at work, it is especially helpful for people who have circulation issues in their legs, including edema or varicose veins.

This aids in controlling excessive blood pressure

What's this? The advantages of Zero Gravity Lift Chairs for your blood circulation do not stop there!

In addition to reducing stress on your heart, zero gravity chairs increase blood circulation. As a result, they help you relax and maintain consistent blood pressure and heart rate. It makes sense why people with high blood pressure have praised these chairs so highly!

Zero gravity chairs provide lower back pain relief

Lower back pain is a serious business if you work most of the day while sitting down. There may even be instances when it seems impossible to get rid of this terrible, enduring sensation.

Fortunately, the zero-gravity position has once more been shown to be effective. Zero gravity chairs from Affordable Medical USA can ease the pressure that gravity places on your vertebrae, relieving your aching lower back. With your back in this posture, you can completely unwind and feel free of any irritation or tension brought on by earlier misalignments.

You may also use them to ease painful muscles

There is nothing more relaxing than sinking into a zero-gravity chair following a trying day at the office or a particularly challenging workout!Your body weight is equally distributed when you sit in a zero-gravity chair, and you experience the desired sense of weightlessness that is unique to this position. Your muscles can unwind as a result, releasing tension and pain. If you are especially excited about this health benefit of zero gravity recliners, you might also search for a model with massaging capabilities to further enhance muscular relaxation.

Our Zero Gravity Lift Chair Recliners are also good for your lungs

Your diaphragm helps your lungs expand when they are filled with air, so they are dependent on it: You can achieve the maximum diaphragm expansion with our zero gravity chairs since they put you in a zero-gravity position. Obviously, doing so will enable your lungs to work at their peak efficiency and effortlessly.

Over time, if you continuously use it, you will even be able to tell a difference while inhaling deeply. You will be able to breathe in more oxygen because your lung capacity will also expand! Say goodbye to the irksome shortness of breath you experience after climbing an additional flight of stairs.

Increase circulation throughout your body and relieves pressure on your heart

By positioning your body in the best alignment possible and freeing your spine from the regular pull of gravity, zero gravity lift chairs provide unmatched relaxation and relief. These recliners combine the advantages of weightlessness with the practicality of a standard lift chair. With the push of a button, you can now unwind in almost any position you like and rise to your feet.

Your thighs and lower legs are positioned at the same level as your heart in a zero-gravity lift chair. The strain of gravity on your spine will be lessened since your legs will be higher than your body. This explains why persons with mild to moderate back pain favor this particular lift chair.

You can elevate your feet above your heart while lying parallel to the floor in an unlimited position lift chair to improve blood flow. Your vertebrae are less affected by gravity thanks to this mechanism.

Affordable Medical USA offers the best Zero Gravity Lift Chair

Overall, a lift chair with unlimited positions can function as a zero-gravity lift chair. A zero-gravity lift chair, however, cannot match the ultimate benefits of an infinite positioning chair. Your spine experiences less strain in zero gravity. The feet can be raised to the same level as your heart in the Zero Gravity posture, and the pressure of gravity on the spine is lessened, which eases the suffering of back pain.

Affordable Medical USA's zero gravity lift chairs are also capable of infinite positioning. You can discover the ideal posture for comfort and pain alleviation in all positions, from upright to fully reclined. Additionally, the circulation is enhanced by the zero-gravity lift chair, which allows you to unwind more and your heart to work less.

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