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  1. MaxiComfort Cloud Lift Recliner

    The MaxiComfort Cloud comes in 2 sizes - a small sized recliner for people with height ranging from 5'1"- 5'6" and a medium sized recliner for people with height ranging from 5'7"- 6'2". This chair is loaded with the best in technology and has enriched features for comfort.

    • Patented MaxiComfort Positioning
    • Programmable AutoDrive Hand Control
    • Optional Heat and Massage option!
    • AutoFlex for lumbar support!
    • Made in the USA
    • Multiple fabric choices, including the ever popular Brisa collection

    Medium chair available for quick shipping in Copper, Hazelnut, Sterling, and Ultra Brisa
    Small/Medium chair available for quick shipping in Hazelnut and Sterling!

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  2. MaxiComforter Lift Recliner

    PR535 MaxiComforter Lift Recliner

    The MaxiComforter offers 5 sizes - from Small to Tall! Comfort abounds in this chair with a new arm style with additional padding for more comfort, extended arms to provide better ease of use while entering or exiting the chair while lifted, a new back style for maximum comfort, and a tasteful new seam design.

    • Optional Heat and Massage option!
    • Programmable AutoDrivetm Hand Control
    • Made in the USA
    • Multiple fabric choices, including the luxuriousBrisa collection

    Currently available for quick shipping:
    Large in Bittersweet, Sandstorm, and Coffee Bean
    Medium in Bittersweet, Oxford, Sandstorm, and Coffee Bean
    Tall in Carbon

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  3. Day Dreamer Lift Recliner

    The Day Dreamer chair is definitely a head-liner in the Golden Maxicomfort series. It has a sturdy body with multiple position control features. Easy pillow recline makes for a comfort like no other. The Golden Day Dreamer has all the best MaxiComfort features incorporated in the lift and recline system.

    • Patented MaxiComfort Positioning
    • Adjustable Headrest
    • Adjustable Lumbar
    • Custom Bucket Seat
    • Programmable AutoDrive Hand Control
    • USB Charging Port
    • Extra Pocket
    • Made in the USA
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Golden Maxicomfort Lift Chair

For someone with limited mobility, getting into and out of a bed or chair might feel like an uphill battle. With the ability to recline to various heights and angles, a lift chair is made to help with this issue by making it easier for the user to get in and out of the seat. Recliner chairs are typically motorized, allowing for effortless reclining at the touch of a button.

Reputable lift chair dealers include Affordable Medical USA. Several factors make us one of the most favored stores in the sector. We are a Golden Flagship Dealer and sell tons of lift recliners to young and old alike.  Golden products are tested extensively, made to last for many years, and constantly prioritize the demands of the customer.

Some of the industry's most comprehensive warranties are provided by Affordable Medical USA. For the frames of their chairs, Golden designs their own cloth templates and use premium materials like kiln-dried Northern Maple Wood. Northern maple is renowned for its exceptional smoothness and durability.  More moisture is removed during kiln drying. This lessens the possibility of the wood expanding or contracting and increases the life cycle of the frame.

MaxiComfort Relaxer Lift Recliner is required

Although Golden Maxicomfort Lift Chairs resemble standard recliners, they have powerful electric motors at the base. By pressing a button, they gently lower and raise the victim to a standing posture. It takes almost no effort to get up from the chair, freeing up more muscle for standing and walking. This may help to lessen the likelihood of a fall. Lift chairs eliminate the need for assistance from family members or caretakers, allowing persons to preserve their independence. The most comfortable lift chairs are those that permit all-day use, sleeping, and resting. To place the chair in the most comfortable position, the user utilizes the remote control.

How are Golden Maxicomfort Lift Chair Recliners beneficial?

In recent years, the furniture industry has seen significant upheaval. Customers are starting to value experience more than other factors when buying furniture for their homes or offices. The need for people to unwind their bodies and brains after a long day at work and changing lifestyles are the main causes of this transformation. Golden Maxicomfort Lift Chair Recliners are more common than ever because people like to sit in a chair that offers outstanding comfort for extended periods of time, even at work.

Many people are under the impression that the chairs are overly complicated, break often, or carry expensive maintenance costs. We have thousands of customers that will tell you that not only are none of these myths true, but the right chair, purchased from Affordable Medical USA has changed their lives. The right chair doesn’t come from a factory outlet or retail chair chain, but sometimes people decide for cheap over comfort and long-term health.  Another factor that makes individuals hesitate to purchase recliners is their cost. On the other hand, as technology has developed, recliners have become more user-friendly, budget-friendly, and easier to maintain.

If you're still debating whether to get a reclining chair, keep reading to discover the many benefits it provides, as collated by experts at Affordable Medical USA. Owning a Golden Maxicomfort Lift Chair over a regular recliner has a number of benefits that make the investment worthwhile.

Ultimate Features of Golden Technologies' Lift Chairs

Contemporary Clip Seating System

The Torsion Versa clip seating mechanism is used in lift chairs made by Golden Technologies. This system is made to uniformly distribute pressure across a person's body while they are seated or lying down, preventing weariness.

For maximum comfort, there are five 8-gauge steel springs in the seats and three 11-gauge steel springs in the back. The springs are kept in place by tie wraps and side straps.

Dacron Conjugated Micro Fiber Fill

The back of the chairs is filled with this material. To offer warmth and support, it is blown in. Without sacrificing comfort, it is made to hold its shape and withstand moving.  Additionally, Golden has a patent on their seating system, meaning no gap ever exists between the seat and the back of the chair.

Puffy Piping

A layer of microfilm is placed on top of the foam piping. This covering shields the fabric's edges from tearing.

All Stress Points Under Load Are Safe

All stress areas that carry weight are double-dowelled, stapled, glued, and mitre blocked. This ensures a relaxing experience by lowering tension and noise

The seat has solid block foam

Foam shreds are frequently used by manufacturers, but not by Golden Technologies. Their lift chairs have substantial black foam in the seats to hold them upright and keep them from bottoming out and slamming against the engine.Your Golden chair will never permanently form to your body but will always provide a ‘first-time’ like experience every time you sit.

Motors Okin

Okin Motors are powerful and quiet, producing a lot of power. Okin motors are renowned for their dependability and are constructed from premium components.

Diagnostic System by Smart Tek

To make repairs easier, the Smart Tek diagnostic system was created. It consists of two carefully positioned LED diodes that aid technicians in determining the issue's root cause.

Metal Lift Bar in Gauge

Chairs may be lifted more easily with gauge metal raise bars. Self-lubricating nylon bushings in them aid to lessen wear and noise.

Fork-Head Screw in Nylon

If the tube assembly is pushed with too much force, the nylon fork head screw will pop off. The nylon fork head screw will aid in minimizing damage if a user positions their chair too close to a wall and then lets it recline after colliding with the wall.

Hand Control for Rapid Disconnection

When not in use, the user can turn off the chair by unplugging the push button control. By guaranteeing that the chair won't move while being repaired, this feature also makes the process easier.

Metal scissor mechanism for gauges

This mechanism has been created in a way that allows for a fluid, smooth reclining.

Golden Maxicomfort Lift Chairs are the most economical choice. They are ideal for unwinding while reading or watching television. Two-position lift chairs are more space-efficient than other lift chair models. They don't fully recline, but they do sit closer to the wall. Users who intend to sit for extended periods of time are encouraged to use chairs with three or more positions. For rest and naps, they can almost totally recline.

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