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Choosing Your Perfect Lift Chair

Lift chair recliners are like standard recliners, but are designed to facilitate an easier sit-to-stand experience. Lift chairs are available in a wide variety of positioning, sizes, fabrics, and even features, such as heated seats and massaging backs.

Let our experts at Affordable Medical USA help you choose the best lift chair recliner for you.

Here at Affordable Medical USA, we offer Lift Chairs from two well-known and well-respected companies:

Lift Chairs come in a wide variety of sizes: from petite to tall, and medium-wide to extra-wide seating. You can also choose based on maximum weight capacity!

User Height Range GuidelinesMaximum Weight CapacitySeat Width Guidelines
Petite Height - 5'3"/5'4" and underLower Weight Capacity - 325 lbs and underSmall Seat Width - 18"-20"
Medium Height - 5'3"/5'4" to 5'9"/5'10"Medium Weight Capacity - 375lbs up to 400 lbsMedium Seat Width - 20.5"-22.5"
Tall Height - 5'9"/5'10" and aboveHeavy Duty Weight Capacity - 500 lbsWide Seat Width - 23" and above
Very Heavy Duty Weight Capacity - 600 lbs

If positioning is a priority for you, here is a chart that will help you choose the best chair positions for your highest comfort.

2 Position - Seated, Lifted, Reading

3 Position Seated, Lifted, Reading, Napping

Infinite Position - Seated, Lifted, Reading, Napping, Reclined/- Lay Flat

Tredelenburg - feet are elevated above the heart, and the heart is elevated above the head. Ideal for those with edema, swelling, diabetes, congestive heart failure, neuropathy, and blood circulation disorders.

Zero Gravity - Reclines the body into a neutral posture position for ultimate back pain relief, and expands the lung capacity for deeper, more relaxed breathing.

Note: Not all Infinite Position Lift Chairs offer full Trendelenburg positioning.

So many options and features to choose from! Some are specific to Golden Technology Lift Chairs (eg. Straight Lift, Twilight Technology), others are specific to Pride Mobility Lift Chairs (eg. First Up), but most are feature/functions for your comfort available across both product lines.

Choose one, choose several, or choose them all for the ultimate in lift chair comfort for you!

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  1. Heritage Collection Heavy Duty Lift Recliner

    BEST FOR HEIGHT 5'6" TO 6'1" and Up to 600 LBS


    • *Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments.
    • Easy-to-use hand control with USB charger port!
    • Standard head & arm covers and large dual pockets
    • Quiet & smooth lift system
    • Heavy-duty lift actuator & scissor mechanism
    • Fire retardant (California specifications; bulletin 117-2013)
    • Integrated battery backup in case of power failure
    • Transformer features self-diagnostic electronics with 9' cord
    Learn More
  2. Comforter 3 Position Lift Recliner

    The Comforter offers 7 sizes - from Small to Tall and from standard to wide widths, supporting from 300 lbs up to 500 lbs! With a new back style in a tasteful seam design, our signature seat, a new arm style, and extended arms, this chair abounds in comfort and style.

    • Optional Heat and Massage option!
    • Signature Seat!
    • Upgraded Stain Defense!
    • Made in the USA!
    • Multiple fabric choices, including the luxurious Brisa collection!

    Class II Medical Device

    Learn More
  3. Comforter 3 Position Extra Wide Heavy Duty Lift Recliner

    The Comforter offers 7 sizes - from Small to Tall and from standard to wide widths, supporting from 300 lbs up to 500 lbs! With a new back style in a tasteful seam design, our signature seat, a new arm style, and extended arms, this chair abounds in comfort and style.

    • Extra Wide Sizes!
    • Optional Heat and Massage option!
    • Signature Seat!
    • Upgraded Stain Defense!
    • Made in the USA!
    • Multiple fabric choices, including the luxuriousBrisa collection!

    Class II Medical Device


    Learn More
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Lift Chair Recliners

Simple tasks that were formerly sometimes taken for granted, like getting out of a chair, become more difficult for people as they age. A Lift Chair Recliner, however, can be a great purchase for older citizens who value their independence and want to accomplish as much as they can on their own.

Here's a look at what these chairs can offer and what to look for when buying one. Choosing the appropriate lift chair can feel overwhelming.  At Affordable Medical USA we take the time to ask questions, listen, and make finding the best lift chair recliner easy.

How does it work?

A lift chair is a recliner-style seat that has a motor (or motors) to assist someone in getting in and out of it safely and easily while they are seated. To help the user stand up, the powerlifting mechanism in the chair lifts the whole chair off the ground. Despite sounding like a luxury, it's actually a necessity for many people.

Seniors can safely and comfortably sit down from a standing position with the assistance of lift chairs. This may help seniors who have trouble getting up or sitting down feel less discomfort and possibly experience less anxiety. Seniors who have trouble sitting or standing by themselves may end up unduly reliant on their arms, which increases their risk of sliding or injuring themselves. And they’re not just for seniors but also for anyone facing surgery recovery, facing limited mobility or a long-term illness.

A lift and reclining chair's perks

There is nothing better than relaxing in your favourite comfortable chair for the afternoon while reading a book or watching television. But getting into and out of the chair can be challenging if you have difficulty sitting or standing owing to medical conditions or recent surgery.

An electric lift chair, which resembles a standard recliner, offers helpful assistance to anyone who struggles to get up from a sitting to a standing posture. A simple push of the button causes the chair to slowly rise and lean forward, allowing the user to exit the chair without exerting excessive bodily power.

A lift chair is referred to by a number of names, including lift and recline, Powerlift, and electric lift chairs. There are several general health and therapeutic advantages for lift chair users despite the fact that the features can differ.

Lessen the strain when sitting and standing

For many people, including the elderly, the crippled, and those who are recovering from an injury, getting into and out of a chair can be difficult and dangerous. A Power Lift Chair Recliner's main benefit is that it can lessen the strain involved in going from a standing to a seated position and vice versa.

These chairs can lift you to almost standing height thanks to their strong motors, which makes getting up and out of the chair simpler. Lift chairs can also enable you to sit and recline in total comfort whether reading, taking a sleep, or watching television.

You can regain your freedom while lowering your risk of muscular strain and fall injuries by using a Lift Chair Recliner, which frequently eliminates the need for caregiver assistance when standing from a sitting position.

Increase circulation

Lift and recline chairs can help to promote circulation and get your blood flowing through your legs and body since they elevate your legs. They can help lessen swelling brought on by fluid retention and lessen the possibility of developing varicose veins in your legs.

You only need to choose the proper chair and use it in a specific way to get these circulation benefits. For best results, use a lift chair that fully reclines to raise your feet to between 8.5 and 10 centimetres above heart level. Your legs should start to feel lighter and more relaxed once you are in the proper position with your feet elevated. Any daytime tension that has built up will dissipate as the blood exits your veins, relieving pain.

Sustained posture

Lift and recline chairs are mild and can help with posture support in contrast to ordinary seats, which can be hard on your body and joints. These chairs can lessen lower skeletal joint wear and degeneration due to their functionality and design. As a result, they might assist you in preserving muscle tone and avoiding harm.

Choosing a sturdy and supportive Power Lift Chair Recliner is crucial to ensuring the greatest outcomes for your posture and health, such as those offered by Affordable Medical USA. Considering that you'll probably spend a lot of time in your chair while you own it, making the wise investment in one that is long-lasting, cozy, and well-made.

Even if your needs alter, lift chairs with adjustable support will still let you maintain proper posture.

Factors to Take into Account When Purchasing the Best Lift Chair for You

When trying to find the ideal Lift Chair Recliner, there are numerous factors to consider. In some circumstances, you might wish to consult your doctor about which are ideal for you. Consider:

Positions available. It is important to learn how many positions the chair has and choose the ones that matter to you most. For instance, you might choose a three- or infinite-position lift chair over a two-position one if you want to be able to snooze in it.

Material. Look into the material the chair is made of, and if you can, try it out at a store. Depending on their comfort level or if they have a specific requirement, some seniors require a firmer chair.

Size. Given their potential size, lift chairs should be measured together with the area they will be placed in to ensure an optimal fit. Keep in mind that sleeper chairs will take up considerably more room than a traditional three-position chair. To lessen the possibility of an elderly person falling as they approach their lift chair, don't clutter the area where the chair is located.

Living better is fun

Are you interested in purchasing a Power Lift Chair Recliner but unsure which model is best for you? We at Affordable Medical USA are committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain mobility so they can live better lives. We are passionate about our patients' well-being. We provide a wide selection of premium lift and recline chairs to meet your needs. To find out more about how we may help you with your mobility needs, please get in touch with us.

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