Lift Chairs Help


What is a hospital bed?

Lift chairs are chairs designed to you to gently move from sitting, reclining, or standing position with the push of a button on a convenient hand control. Lift Chairs are particularly helpful for the elderly, those that suffer from motor diseases, or from those that have been injured and require temporary assistance. Lift Chairs are empowering to the user as they give them the freedom to move around as they like, while improving safety and reducing strain, as well as the chance for a possible injury.

Lift Chairs come in a wide variety of styles and colors, as well as fabric choices. Some are available in leather as well. They are also frequently referred to as chair lifts or seat lifts. Most lift chairs operate via a simple hand control that allows the user to determine the amount of lift, and slowly and safely return the chair to a standing or sitting position.

  • What size is your room?
  • What size are you? Height, weight, width
  • What is your disability?
  • How much time will you spend in the lift chair daily?
  • Do you need two, three, or infinite positioning?
  • Do you require heat and massage from your lift chair?
  • Do you prefer fabric or levante vinyl with your lift chair?
  • Which fabric or levante vinyl will match your room
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