Is Your Home Ready for a Stair Lift Installation Columbia SC?


Mobility Scooter Store Columbia SCMobility issues arise for a myriad of reasons, and they show themselves in just as many different ways such as unsteadiness, nerve damage, disease, and muscle weakness. These issues are most completely recognized as being caused by old age, and seniors are at a higher risk of falling and seriously hurting themselves. Younger persons can also suffer from mobility issues, and require assistance to help remain independent. If you or a loved one are suffering from mobility issues, it may be time to consider stair lift installation Columbia SC and other affordable medical equipment. Don't let the fear of injury prevent you from enjoying life; instead, let us provide you with the equipment you need to live a safe and full life.

Our stair lifts are available in a variety of models, such as our Handicare straight stair lifts for stairs without curves. For those with them, we offer custom curved railing, lifts, and seating to ensure you can get the assistance you need. All of these chairs are available in six colors, and you can choose to purchase a model that is operated electrically or manually.

We also offer Acorn stair lifts for both inside and outside. Perfect for your outdoor patio or porch steps, this stair lift is the perfect way to safely enjoy your backyard again. Each chair is weather-proofed, and installed in the stairs, not the wall. They also come with a durable, waterproof cover for extra protection from the elements. This design is only available as a straight lift.

Though each model is different, the following features can be found on all of our products: a comfy, padded seat and backrest, a safety belt, a lockable swivel seat, a foot rest to keep your feet from getting caught on anything and to help keep you in the chair, and installation to your stairs, not your wall, ensuring no structural damage to your home. Some also have a safety sensor that will stop the chair should any pets, children, or objects suddenly get in the way, preventing damage to the chair and harm to you. Our color selections also ensure your stair lift is an attractive and functional addition to your home.

Stair lifts allow you and your loved ones to regain independence, without the need to rearrange your house or move to a single-story home. They also encourage additional physical activity, which improves health and helps prevent disease. Most stair lifts can also be installed in a few hours, allowing you to use your equipment that very same day.

More Than Just Stair Lifts: Electric Wheelchair Shop Columbia SC

We at Affordable Medical Equipment are proud to offer an assortment of products to best fit your needs. With over twenty models of wheelchairs available at unbeatable prices, we can help you regain your mobility and freedom not only in your home, but beyond. Almost all of our wheelchairs include an adjustable angle back, anti-tipping, push to lock wheel locks, a foot rest, and anti-mildew, easy to clean and durable upholstery.

Modern wheelchairs are designed to be comfortable, helping support your back and allowing you to rest as needed, as well as being able to fit into tight areas. More and more restaurants, attractions, and places of interests are also becoming wheelchair friendly with ramps and lifts. Wheelchairs can be manually operated by turning the wheels, or by using a joystick and control pad on one of the arms, ensuring ease of use and comfort.

Another option to consider is visiting our mobility scooter shop Columbia SC. Scooters are able to transverse more terrain than wheelchairs, and have easy to access baskets for transporting purses, books, and other items. Many are also key operated, allowing you to leave your scooter unattended while you enjoy a movie, lunch, or other activity with friends and family. Power steering means easier turning, even for those with limited strength or dexterity.

Increase Home Safety with Handicap Medical Equipment Columbia SC

Little details can add up to helping create a safe, secure home for those with mobility issues. Non-slip shower mats help prevent falls, as well as bath seats and safety bars in and out of the shower. We provide suction cup grab bars that prevent the need to drill into your walls while still allowing you to easily get in and out of the tub. Mildew resistant chairs allow to sit and shower without fear. Transfer benches, available with and without sliding seats, allow you to safely enter and exit the tub without tripping over the ledge.

All of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty, and can be delivered all across America. Don't let lack of mobility keep you from enjoying life; call us or email us today.


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