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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

  • Accurately measures temperature with no touch
  • Uses Laser technology
  • safe for infant, children, adults, and pets
  • Used at schools, doctors offices, or home
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Infrared Thermometer - Touchless Thermometer

Medical grade instant Digital thermometer for kids, infants, and adults.

Digital Infrared Thermometer laser technology is advanced way to detect fever. Infrared Thermometer is the safest way to check body temperature without contact. Comes with a multi- fuctional and can be used to check liquid temperature. Can be used for all ages. This product is used in school or family settings. Safe BPA and murcury - free

  • Digital color LCD display with backlight
  • Data Locking
  • switchable laser positioning and auto power -off function
  • accurately measures temperature

Ships with no batteries

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