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Mobility Scooter Store Columbia SCDon’t let your health restrict your movement; contact us today to find out what we can do to restore your mobility. Whether it’s health conditions due to aging, or recovery from an illness that has put you off your feet, you can find assistance with getting your mobility back with Affordable Medical Equipment at our mobility scooter store Columbia SC

There are quite a few products that can help make your life easier if you’re suffering from a lack of mobility. Perhaps you’re facing a loss of comfort and security when going about your day due to the fear that you may fall or be unable to move around in your home and engage in the activities you need and want to do in safety.

Whether your needs are for a hospital or specialty bed, a bath or shower chair to assist you when bathing or showering, or equipment to help getting in and out of the shower or bath, we have everything you need right now. If you live in a two-story house you may consider a stair lift to make going up and down the stairs safer and less painful.

Many suffering from limited mobility find that a lift chair makes their daily life much easier because getting up-and-down from any low seat can be painful at best, but there is also a danger of losing your balance while trying to get up and potentially falling and sustaining injuries. A lift chair can easily lift you to your feet safely. Another low seat that is difficult to rise from is the toilet; the installation of a higher toilet or toilet seat and/or grab bars can make getting up easier.

Just about everything you need to help with your mobility can be found on our website. Perhaps your issues are not with mobility at home. Perhaps you need help with mobility away from home such as at the grocery store or other places that may require you to walk some distances. Scooters come in many types, styles and price ranges.

Insurance coverage for a scooter varies between carriers, but Medicare Part B does cover this but before they will approve the request they will require information from your doctor regarding your need for a motorized scooter. Be sure to speak with your insurance provider prior to ordering your scooter to make sure the request will be covered and to find out what the restrictions are.

We carry a full line of scooters on our website and at our Columbia SC store to ensure that you will be able to have your needs met and find exactly what you need and want. We have a huge selection of scooters to choose from; check out our selection by clicking here.

An independent tester, 10TopTenReviews, ranked the Spitfire EX 4-wheel drive mobility scooter from Drive Medical, available on our website, number one. It holds up to 300 pounds, with the maximum speed of five miles per hour. The manufacturer offers a lifetime frame warranty, a 14-month drive train warranty, and a six-month battery warranty. While some scooters scored higher in some categories, the Spitfire EX was number one overall. In addition to the four-wheel-drive model we offer six Spitfire scooters in all.

Mobility Scooter Store Columbia SCWe also feature Pride Mobility Scooters; another popular high-quality manufacturer of scooters. Browse our selection online. With over 10 models to choose from, including three-wheel as well as four-wheel scooters, you can find exactly what you need and want. You can find in our inventory a selection of Golden Technologies scooters. Golden Technologies is another high-quality manufacturer of mobility items. Choose from the Golden Tech Buzzaround with three and four-wheel models available, as well as the Golden Tech Golden Patriot with a luxury seat, four wheels, and a front basket. The Golden Patriot comes in fire-engine red, and the Buzzaround comes with your choice of pink or black.

Check out our website for all the different models and features available for your first or next scooter. There are heavy-duty models, speedy models, models with luxury seats and a basket in front. There is even the Literider Envy PTC Portable from Golden Technologies that looks just a zero-turn mower, but without the blades!


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