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Fast Alert Advanced Patient Alarm

Monitor movement of a patient by using the Fast Alert Advanced Patient Alarm. The alarm notifies caregiver or nurse as soon as the patient gets out of the bed or wheelchair. The medical device comes with advanced features like dual alarm volume settings, delay alarm function, reset alarm, and low battery indicator.

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The Lumex Fast Alert Advanced Patient Alarm notifies caregiver or medical staff when a user goes out of the bed or chair. The device has a securable auditory alarm which works along with a pressure-sensitive pad. The pad easily fits on wheelchairs and beds with a self-contained clip. Moreover, the remote alarm gives flexibility to the caregiver to mute the local alarm and listen via nurse call system. The medical device comes with some of the advanced features like low battery indicator, dual alarm, volume settings, and reset button.

Features of Fast Alert Advanced Patient Alarm are:

  • Economical alarm notifying caregiver or staff when user moved out of bed or wheelchair
  • Pressure Sensitive Pad with bed pad
  • Dual Alarm Volume Settings : 70 and 90 dB
  • Delay alarm for 0 to 2 seconds with delay function
  • Reset alarm by pressing reset button
  • Operational with 9 V battery
  • Comes with protected boot cover for avoiding damage if dropped accidentally
  • Comes with low battery indicator and off switch
  • Available in two different pad sizes for bed and chair: Bed 10x29 and Chair 10x15
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