4-Wheeled Walkers & Rollators

Escape 4-wheel Rollator

The Escape is a state-of-the-art rollator -X Series Folding Rollator

  • No exposed cables
  • Easy fold and roll to go through Narrow door 
  • Adjustable Handle Heights 
  • No wire to get snag on door handles 
  • Stand-up storage
  • 3 Color Options 
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Triumph Mobility is pleased to offer you the next step in mobility. The freedom to go anywhere?? Now available in 3 Color Options.

Escape is available in 3 seat heights to fit almost any user and has a compact folding system that is easy to fold with a simple lift of the release handle. This design makes it easier to lift into the trunk of a car but, as an added benefit, it also stands when folded for easy storage when not in use.

Escape features a large padded seat for added comfort, pressure reducing anatomical handgrips to maintain your hand strength and the easiest to apply hand brakes available on any walker.

In addition, Escape offers a depth adjustable large padded backrest, spring loaded levers for easy handle height adjustment and innovative Gentle Touch braking system with no cables to catch on objects or get in your way. Escape turns a world of obstacles into a future of possibilities.

Escape Rollator X series fold allows the rollator to fold, when narrow pathways are in the way.


  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • Large padded seat for added comfort
  • Adjustable padded backrest
  • Folding shopping bag
  • Easy to apply, cable-free brakes
  • Easy to navigate with large 8"wheels
  • Easy to Adjust Handle Height
  • Anatomical Handles
  • Curb Climber
  • Optional Accessories Display - Cane Holder, Cup Holder, Plastic Tray
  • Optional Upgrade - Slow Down Brake - will allow rollator speed to be adjust for user

  • Optional Upgrade - Slow Down Brake - will allow rollator speed to be adjust for user
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Seat height 19"21"24" 
Handle height range 28-36"29.5-37.5"32-40"
Width Between Handles/wheels Handles-18" Wheels - 19"Handles-18" Wheels - 19"Handles-18" Wheels - 19"
Seat Sizes 18.5 x 9.5"18.5 x 9.5"18.5 x 9.5"
Overall Width and Length 25" Width 25.6" Length 25" Width 25.6" Length 25" Width 25.6" Length 
Folded Width of Unit 11" 11" 11"
Weight Capacity 275 LBS  275 LBS  275 LBS 
Wheel Size 8"8"8"
Rollator  Weight 15.4lbs 15.6 LB15.8LB
Color Options RED, Grey, Blue  RED, Grey, Blue  RED, Grey, Blue 

Escape Rollator  by a  lifetime  warranty on  the  frame and a five(5) year warranty on the brake handles against defects in materials and workmanship. Those items not warrantied are worn items, such as handgrips, brake cables, and wheels. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser only and is not transferrable. Triumph Mobility will not warranty any parts that have been damaged due to improper installation, modification, and misuse. For warranty service, please return your rollator to your local dealer. Service charges are at the dealer's  discretion and are not the  responsibility of Triumph Mobility.

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