Different Types of Wheelchair Vehicle Lifts Columbia SC


Electric WheelchairBeing independent with a disability doesn’t have to be difficult. We here at Affordable Medical Care, a mobility scooter shop Columbia, SC, have worked to bring our customers the best in wheelchair vehicle lifts Columbia, SC. We offer over 30 different wheelchair lifts for manual and powered wheelchairs along with fusion car lifts to suit the needs of any customer. The first step towards choosing a chair lift is deciding on a lift type. There are electric, manual, and fusion chair lift options which all have their individual specialties.

Manual Wheelchair Lifts

A manual wheelchair lift is one that is much less bulky than an electric one. They typically have a lower weight limit because of it and the lifts are smaller themselves. Since the chairs can fold up a small car with a manual chair lift might even be able to fit in your garage. Because these lifts can handle less weight they are generally less desirable for anyone planning to move an electric wheelchair.

One of our manual wheel chair lifts is the Electric Tilt ‘n’ Tote this wheelchair lift weights approximately 80 lbs. The weight capacity for this unit is 150 lbs and the lift will automatically fold up into stowaway position when not in use or it can be manually cranked shut. This unit can handle wheelchairs up to 20” x 13” x 29” and allows for a roomy 24” clearance from the ground when in use. This unit includes two retractable ratchets for securing the chair and the lift will work for a 1 1/4th” to a 2” square hitch receiver.

Electric Wheelchair Lifts

Electric WheelChair Columbia SCElectric wheelchair lifts are best for battery powered wheelchairs. These lifts often can handle a much larger payload and may come with little divots on the platform for wheels. While a manual lift may fold the chair while being transported an electric wheelchair will be seated on a large square platform and buckled in. These lifts are typically preferred for any motorized wheelchair as a manual wheelchair lift likely will not be able to handle the additional weight from the battery and motor.

One of our favorite electric wheelchair lifts is the AL560 Automatic Universal Power Chair Lift by Harmar. It has platform wheel cradles to accommodate all sizes and kinds of wheelchair. There is also a manual hand crank and a license plate mount. This lift can lift a chair of up to 350 lbs. and the base of the lift has 28.5” x 38.5” usable area.

Fusion Wheelchair Lifts

A fusion chair lift is suited to transport both push and electric wheelchairs. They offer a mix of the features available in the previous types and may even have adjustable platforms to serve as a one size fits all car lift. Since they serve both types of chair, they often have the weight capacity of an electric wheelchair lift with the folding capability of a manual wheelchair lift.

The AL300HD Heavy Duty Fusion Lift by Harmar is one of our featured fusion wheel chair lifts. It has a 400 lbs. carrying capacity and can carry virtually any scooter or chair. It comes with 4 self-tensioning Q’straint retractors, a manual crank backup, and license plate mount. There are no scooter or power chair modifications, but a swing away model is an available option. The maximum acceptable wheelchair width is 27” and maximum scooter wheel base is 42”. The installed weight is 82 lbs. and the hitch height is 5”-18”.

How to Learn More

Many of the wheelchair lifts we offer are eligible for financing and can be delivered right to your door step. This is only a small selection of all of the chairs we have available for you at Affordable Medical Care, the best electric wheelchair shop Columbia, SC. For a look at our entire selection please visit our website or call us at 803-926-2224. We will take the time to access your personal needs and point you towards a wheelchair lift within your price range and best suited for you. We can assist you with installing vehicle lifts for wheelchairs Columbia, SC.



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