Home Style Bed Rails

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  1. Mobility Rail
    Mobility Rail

    The all new Stander Mobility Rail -

      • Helps to prevent falls.   
      • Provides an easy and safe step away from the bed. 
      • Has an easy to access storage pouch.
      • Is height adjustable - 21" to 44" from the floor.
      • Works with virtually and bed.  
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  2. Powder Coated Home Bed Rails with Extender
    Powder Coated Home Bed Rails with Extender
    • Steel Bed Frame, Powder coated
    • Easy to assemble
    • Fully adjusts to heights (15 3/4" or 22 3/4")
    • Easily installs in a given space
    • Twin, Full, Queen & King size beds
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  3. Deluxe Hand Bed Rail with Floor Support and Pouch
    Deluxe Hand Bed Rail with Floor Support and Pouch
    • Designed to prevent a fall
    • Convenient to get out of bed without the use of additional furniture
    • Straps secure the rail by attaching it to the other side of bed
    • Adjustable height to meet the need of home bed
    • Legs reach to ground for extra support
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  4. Deluxe Hand Bed Rail with Floor Support
    Deluxe Hand Bed Rail with Floor Support
    • Prevents fall and helps people get out of bed easily
    • Extra support with rail legs extending to the ground
    • Adjustable for almost any home bed with adjustable height
    • Straps securely to the rail on the other side of bed
    • Fits any size bed like twin, double, queen, king size
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  5. Three Pocket Pouch for Bed Rails
    Three Pocket Pouch for Bed Rails
    • Three pocket pouch holds remotes, cell phones, books, etc
    • Hand bed rails with elastic straps
    • Made of Heavy Duty washable material
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  6. Stable Bed Rail
    Stable Bed Rail
    • Fits 8″- 18″ mattress, fits on any adjustable bed
    • 4 pocket organizer Pouch
    • Ergonomic cusion handles
    • Easy to assemble. No additional tools required
    • Safety strap secures rail between mattress and bed frame
    • Non-slip legs reaching the ground

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  7. EZ Adjust Bed Rail
    EZ Adjust Bed Rail

    World’s Most Versatile Bed Rail

    • Bed Rail: Adjustable length for use as a fall prevention bed rail or a bedside handle
    • Adjustable: Bed rail easily adjusts from 26″ to 34″ to 42″
    • Collapsible: Rail folds down to side of the bed
    • Reversible: Can be placed on either side of the bed
    • Dual Safety Strap: Secures to bed frame with included safety strap
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Reducing Falling out of Bed Accidents by Installing Home Style Bed Rails

 Seniors and limited mobility people face a lot of problem while covering to short distances. And some people even face balancing issues and often fall from the bed while sleeping. For such people, using home style bed rails is one of the best ways to keep them safe and secure. The bed rails acts as a shield between the ground and individuals and prevent their falling out of bed.

These bed rails are commonly used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, however even families having old parents with illnesses are buying these rails or taking them on rentals for domestic purpose.  Some of the benefits of using bed rails are:

  1. They help people in turning and repositioning within the bed safely.
  2. They provide support so that people can get out of bed safely.
  3. They provide a feeling of security and comfort.
  4. Reduce the risk of falling out of bed.

Different kinds of home style bed rails are available in the marketplace. If you are buying these rails, look for durable ones by looking at the following features:

  • You can purchase them in various lengths ranging from 37’’ to 57’’.
  • Select the rails’ size as per your bed style i.e. king or queen style bed
  • Some rails are height adjustable with spring-loaded release
  • Look for heavy steel construction
  • Check its installation process carefully so that crossbars are easy to remove and install

Brown-vein is the most attractive color available in home style bed rails but you can purchase them in different colors also matching with your home décor. To get a good deal, make a purchase from a reputed online supplier only.