Bathroom Daily Living Aids

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  1. Vive Commode Liners (48)
    Vive Commode Liners (48)
    • Super absorbent pad
    • Holds up to 16 oz of fluid
    • Spill Proof Disposal
    • Hassle free disposal, with draw strings
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  2. Foot Scrubber
    Foot Scrubber

    Foot Scrubber is great for:

    • Complete foot care
    • Reducing bending and twisting
    • Exfoliation and cleaning
    • Reducing bending and struggling

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  3. Trust Indoor Rollator
    Trust Indoor Rollator

    The all new TRUST Indoor Scooter from Stander -

    • Serves as a great food and drink trolley.
    • Is great for storing personal items.
    • Has a lockingbrake.  Ideal for assisting in getting out of a chair.
    • Is easily controlled with one or two hands.
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  4. Disinfecting Wipes - 25 per pack
    Disinfecting Wipes - 25 per pack

    Clean RX - Disinfecting Wipes

    • Kills 99.9% of Germs 
    • 75% Alcohol 
    • 25 per pack 
    • Reusable Bag 
    • 8x6 Wipe Size 
    • For Daily Use, Could Effectively eliminate viruses and germs and prevent them from spreading 
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  5. First Aid Kit- 25 Person
    First Aid Kit- 25 Person

    First Aid Kit - 25 Person by Grafco 

    • Ideal for fleet vehicles, churches, playgrounds, small companies, work sites 
    • Metal or plastic case 
    • Can be hung on the wall 
    • Suitable for up to 25 employees 
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  6. Stocked First Aid Kit - 10 person
    Stocked First Aid Kit - 10 person

    Grafco Frist Aid kit - 10 Person 

    • Includes assortment of bandages, gauze pads, tape, ointment and more 
    • Comes with a reusable Plastic case with gasket and handle 
    • Can be mounted to the wall 
    • Includes 98 Pieces 
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  7. Deluxe Toilet Seat Riser with Removable Armrest
    Deluxe Toilet Seat Riser with Removable Armrest
    • Available for round or elongated toilet bowl design.
    • White, Heavy duty plastic that is strong and durable
    • Push buttons allow for easy removal of armrest 
    • Weight Capacity 300lbs 
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  8. Lumin Sanitizer Cleaner
    Lumin Sanitizer Cleaner

    Lumin Sanitizer 

    • Quick Clean 5 minutes 
    • Laboratory tested 
    • NO harmful Ozone 
    • Used to disinfect personal items 
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  9. 5-in-1 Mobility and Bathroom Aid
    5-in-1 Mobility and Bathroom Aid
    • Bedside commode 
    • Folding walker 
    • Toilet Seat Frame 
    • Raised Toilet Seat 
    • Shower Seat 

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  10. Long Reach Bath Sponge
    Long Reach Bath Sponge

    Long Reach Bath Sponge

    • Ideal for users with limited arm or shoulder movement.
    • Soft textured sponge head.
    • 23 inches long from tip to tail.
    • Contoured 45 degree handle.
    • Mold resistant. - Rubber grip.
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Bathroom Safety Aids

Using toilets and bathroom is one of the important parts of everyday life. Healthy people often take these tasks for granted but limited mobility and seniors struggle a lot to complete these tasks safely and securely. The chances of slipping and falling are the highest at this place in houses due to poor muscle strength, poor balancing issues and many other health problems. Thus, they often need to take need to take extra precautions while going to bathroom so that do not harm themselves unnecessarily. So such people need specific assistance in the bathroom and require special medical equipment for a safer experience. This problem is easy to solve by using high-quality and dependable bathroom daily living aids available at Affordable Medical Equipment.

Since our inception, we have been making sincere attempts to improve the quality of life of limited mobility people and senior people with disabilities. We have been sourcing a range of specialized bathroom equipment from reputed manufacturers and suppliers them to customers. Our highly dependable and premium quality of bathroom aids enable customers to perform multitude of activities including bathing and toileting both safely and comfortably. Ability to perform bathroom-related tasks independently and safely and comfortable to use are the two factors which make them a popular choices amongst limited mobility people and seniors. To meet the varied demands of customers, we have been dealing with different kinds and styles of specialized bathroom equipment that users can choose as per their requirements.

Wide Assortment of Bathroom Daily Living Aids

  1. Toilet Seats with Removable Armrests: One of the most popular bathroom living aids is toilet seat. The toilets seat aim at increasing the safety and security of an elderly person so that he can use toilet and stand comfortably by holding the armrest. The toilet seats with removable armrests are ergonomically designed and feature a round toilet bowl design and a push button to remove the armrest. Made from strong and durable plastic, it easily holds weight up to 300 lbs. This is a perfect bathroom daily living aid for those people, who struggle while sitting and getting up from the toilet seat.
  2. Raised Toilet Seat: If you find the toilet seat too low and faces problem while standing up, you can use a specialised raised toilet seat. These seats are padded and allow a person to stand comfortably without putting much pressure on the knees and hands. These seats come with or without legs and have different weight holding capacities.
  3. Toilet safety Frames: You can even use toilet safety frames while going to toilets and bathrooms. These frames are strong and durable and easily fit on standard toilets. These frames support rollator maneuverability and holds weight up to 400 lbs adequately.
  4. Disinfecting Wipes: Use disinfecting wipes after every toilet use to eliminate 99.9% of household germs responsible for causing cold and other health conditions. The regular usage of disinfecting wipes prevents the bacterial, virus and germs growth and keeps you in the best health conditions. It is a perfect hygiene material, which is even safe for daily use.

Some other popular bathroom daily living aids which customers can purchase from our online store are long reach bath sponge, sanitizers, first aid kit, etc.

Benefits with Affordable Medical USA

We give assurance to all customers of Affordable Medical Equipment that they get the quality product at the most competitive rates from our leading online platform. We have been in the business from the past 10 years, thus take no time in understanding our customers’ requirements. For price-sensitive customers, we offer a rental facility. They can avail our bathroom daily living aids at an affordable rental facility. We comprehend the fact that many times people fail to evaluate their requirements and place a wrong order. We fully support them by providing valuable assistance and offering easy return and exchange.

So, make your bathroom disabled friendly by using our high-quality and different kinds of bathroom daily living aids. Check out all the options and choose the one that will make your life easier and comfortable. If you are unable to find the bathroom aid as per your requirements, feel free to contact us and disclose your requirements. We will leave no stone unturned to offer you the customized solution.