Choosing Your Perfect Lift Chair

Lift chair recliners are like standard recliners, but are designed to facilitate an easier sit-to-stand experience. Lift chairs are available in a wide variety of positioning, sizes, fabrics, and even features, such as heated seats and massaging backs.

Let our experts at Affordable Medical USA help you choose the best lift chair recliner for you.

Here at Affordable Medical USA, we offer Lift Chairs from two well-known and well-respected companies:

Lift Chairs come in a wide variety of sizes: from petite to tall, and medium-wide to extra-wide seating. You can also choose based on maximum weight capacity!

User Height Range Guidelines
Petite Height - 5'3"/5'4" and under
Medium Height - 5'3"/5'4" to 5'9"/5'10"
Tall Height - 5'9"/5'10" and above
Maximum Weight Capacity
Lower Weight Capacity - 325 lbs and under
Medium Weight Capacity - 375lbs up to 400 lbs
Heavy Duty Weight Capacity - 500 lbs
Very Heavy Duty Weight Capacity - 600 lbs
Seat Width Guidelines
Small Seat Width - 18"-20"
Medium Seat Width - 20.5"-22.5"
Wide Seat Width - 23" and above

If positioning is a priority for you, here is a chart that will help you choose the best chair positions for your highest comfort.

2 Position - Seated, Lifted, Reading

3 Position Seated, Lifted, Reading, Napping

Infinite Position - Seated, Lifted, Reading, Napping, Reclined/- Lay Flat, Tredelenburg - feet are elevated above the heart, and the heart is elevated above the head. Ideal for those with edema, swelling, diabetes, congestive heart failure, neuropathy, and blood circulation disorders.

Zero Gravity - Reclines the body into a neutral posture position for ultimate back pain relief, and expands the lung capacity for deeper, more relaxed breathing.

Note: Not all Infinite Position Lift Chairs offer full Trendelenburg positioning.

So many options and features to choose from! Some are specific to Golden Technology Lift Chairs (eg. Straight Lift, Twilight Technology), others are specific to Pride Mobility Lift Chairs (eg. First Up), but most are feature/functions for your comfort available across both product lines.

Choose one, choose several, or choose them all for the ultimate in lift chair comfort for you!

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