The inception of modern technology and the advent of power wheelchairs has opened a whole new world to those traditionally wheelchair bound. According to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research power wheelchairs have a “positive effect on health, occupation and quality of life.” Furthermore, the study points out, power wheelchair use has resulted in “improved mobility, social participation, quality of life, and decreased pain and discomfort.” In addition, a power wheelchair helps “facilitate a variety of activities including shopping, medical appointments, visiting family and friends, and attending community events.” Most who have a power wheelchair do not hesitate in sharing their excitement over how a power wheelchair has changed their lives.

Power Wheelchairs for Seniors

So why do seniors with mobility difficulties need a power wheelchair? Well, for many a manual wheelchair is just no longer practical; or possible. Power wheelchairs boost mobility and keeps them-

  • Independent
  • Socially active
  • Boost confidence
  • A power wheelchair lessens the chances of getting ill
  • It helps ensure their involvement in their family and society

There are many different types of powered wheelchairs available. They can be classified on the basis of power and size.  In this blog we’ll take a look at the category of travel power wheelchairs.

Travel Power Chairs

Travel power chairs are known for their comfort and convenience. Bulky power chairs can have their own merits and demerits when it comes to design and features. This may lead many people to opt for portable power wheelchairs that meet day-to-day and light travel usage needs. Travel power chairs have been introduced keeping in mind day-to-day needs and the inconveniences faced by seniors or disabled people when travelling.

Jazzy® Elite ES Portable

This is one among the powerful wheelchairs engineered in a way to offer complete freedom to those with limited mobility. The wheelchair comes equipped with avant-garde technology and modern features like easy disassembly, sturdy construction, large front wheels, height adjustable seat with headrest, captains’ seat, and a simple but sturdy design. This particular type of power wheelchair is ideal for indoor and outdoor travelling purposes.

Jr Power Chair

Another travel chair would be the Jr Power Chair. The convenient, compact design of this power wheelchair device disassembles easily. It has all the power wheelchair features including a programmable controller. The reduced size allows for improved handling, storage and transportation. The color options of blue or red accentuate the look and feel of the device.

Jazzy® Passport

When you purchase or rent the Jazzy Passport, the compact power chair folds in just a few steps and offers ample storage and foot room. It is the true definition of “fold-n-go”. Thus, you can travel in ease and comfort with the Jazzy Passport.

EZ-Go Compact Power Wheelchair

Explore the experience of riding an EZ-Go Compact Power Wheelchair and enjoy the freedom of traveling light! The compact features of this wheelchair make for a quick disassemble and it’s ready to go.


Now, you can get out and travel in style with the all new Go-Chair. The best part is, this all new Go-Chair is re-designed from the ground up, delivering style and class. The Go-Chair comes available in an array of contemporary colors.

LiteRider Envy

Finally, when you are looking for a convenient, compact power chair that is easy to transport and fun way to drive, the Golden LiteRider Envy is the ideal way to go! It comes with unique, under seat storage basket, tubular frame design, a 300 lb. weight capacity, turning radius of 26”, and a top speed of 3.5 mph.

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