We all have experienced ergonomic seat design. Recent car seating, office seating, waiting room seats and home furniture is being designed for less stress and strain on the body as ergonomic design is used to maintain good posture. Ergonomic seating has been underrated in the making of wheelchairs because preferences have been given to cushions and backrests for postural support and positioning. The idea behind developing an ergonomic seat for wheelchairs is based on long-term comfort and relaxation.

The super lightweight ergonomic wheelchair Karman S-Ergo 305 features specially contoured arm pads, folding back rest, detachable footrests, and a mesh designed back and seating system that offers strong and comfortable support while staying breathable. The Chair Institute in its 2020 Review said this about the S-Ergo 305, “By any measure, the S Ergo 305 is an exceptional model.  In fact, it won top honors on our roundup review of the best wheelchairs being sold today. “The S-Ergo 305 is available in two seat width options- 16″ and 18″. The seat is adjustable to heights of 18”, 19” or 20”. The wheelchair weighs 29 lbs and can carry weight of up to 250 lbs. effortlessly.

Ergonomic-S Seating- The patented ergonomic S-shape seating system offers a more natural seated position. The legs naturally curve slightly higher than the bottom. The seat and back mesh support systems include an anti-bacterial removable cushion system that is machine washable.

Folding Frame System- The Karman S-Ergo 305 comes with a folding frame that includes a fold-down backrest. With its quick-release wheels, the S-Ergo wheelchair becomes a compact folded chair that can fit in any vehicle trunk, backseat, under a bed or in a home closet.

What’s the Benefit with Ergonomic Seating?

The Karman S-Ergo wheelchair is a wonderful wheelchair that has received multiple awards and accolades. Consumer Review said, “Our top choice.” “The best on the market right now.  Its quality of construction and design make it an excellent choice for a multitude of uses and users.” Listed below are more benefits to the Karman Ergo S-305 wheelchair:

  • Greater relaxation
  • Greater comfort
  • Improved circulation
  • More energy
  • Increased attentiveness
  • Better full body support
  • Improved breathing

Supports Spinal Curves

Ergonomic seating supports the natural curves of the spine. With the additional back support of lumbar support adjustment, the wheelchair will support maximum pressure distribution, upright posture and stability. In addition, the upright posture doesn’t put pressure on the abdomen which improves digestion and bowel and bladder function.

Improved Wheel Access

The ergonomic seat allows for better wheel access as it promotes improved pelvic position and stability, and upper extremity function. Ergonomic seating maintains a perfect balance by maintaining the overall weight distribution of your chair. This improves the chair’s stability on surfaces.

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