Mobile power chairs and scooters have certainly changed the landscape and opportunities for those with mobility challenges. Now going to restaurants, ballgames, parks, resorts (less the pandemic of course) are all within reach. Unfortunately for many, that pesky problem of chair/scooter weight can still be tough. Even as far as mobility devices have come in terms of disassembly, folding, etc., the parts can still be too heavy to handle. Vehicle lifts are the answer to that challenge! Vehicle lifts provide an option to dealing with heavy scooter and chair components. A vehicle lift is attached to your vehicle and picks up your scooter or chair for transportation. Vehicle lifts go from the basic to the more sophisticated; a simple pick up and secure, or all the way to hiding it inside your vehicle! To take a look at our range of power chair lifts, please visit Affordable Medical Equipment.

What are the Options for Your Power Chair Lifts?

First you need to consider what type of vehicle lift you want- an inside or an outside vehicle lift? Each one is different with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. If you have a car, then going with the outside power chair lift will be right for you. Should you have a van, SUV, or truck, you can consider an inside power chair lift. This will store the chair inside the vehicle and keep the length of your vehicle the same. This is a great option as it keeps both the lift and the scooter/power chair out of the weather.

For vehicles with an outside vehicle lift, you’re going to add about a foot or more to the total length of your vehicle. This may make fitting in your garage, a parking garage or parking places problematic. Now that you have a better idea of whether an indoor or outdoor power chair lift is right for you. Choosing the best option is not a challenging task.

Evaluate Weight Capacity

At Affordable Medical Equipment we fully explain the pros and the cons associated with any purchase. We are going to insure that (1) your vehicle can support a lift; (2) ensure we recommend the proper lift for your scooter or power chair; (3) fully explain the components to the installation and costs, and (4) your questions are answered. Harmar is one of our favorite lift manufacturers but we love Armstrong and Outlander as well. You can see most of our lifts here.

Meet with Us

There are myriads of different vehicle lifts on the market to help you with mobility assistance. Working with a trained professional in both selecting the proper mobility lift and installing it correctly will ensure a future of endless travel and entertainment possibilities. Affordable Medical Equipment works tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction. To find out more you can follow us on Facebook, call us at 803-926-1493 or come see us at 1538 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia, SC  29206.