At Affordable Medical Equipment, we strive to make your experience with us pleasurable and satisfying, from first look to having your product at home. Whether you need to rent a knee walker, have just had knee surgery, or need a recliner/lift chair – we want to help. Our goal is to meet your needs and do so in a manner that leaves you with positive memories.

If you are here to find a suitable lift chair, the options may seem overwhelming. Take comfort that we will work with you as long as it takes to find the perfect lift chair for you.

Everything About Lift Chair

Lift chairs, or power recliners, are structurally designed to help anyone who has difficulty taking a seat or getting out of a regular chair. “When my grandparents toddled around and had pains getting up and down from the chair, … I searched online and found Affordable Medical Equipment offering an ample variety of lift chair models to suit every individual need”, says Carol Anderson.

You may find lift chairs look nearly identical to normal recliners, but they are quite different.  Additional features make all the difference. Our range of incredible lift chairs is designed in different materials and come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the power lift recliners' additional features include adjustable back cushioning, footrest extensions, and more. The Maxicomfort PR-515 new from Golden Technologies comes with a power headrest and adjustable lumbar. It comes equipped with Maxicomfort technology that allows the chair to provide multiple seating positions for comfort.  The Maxicomfort with Twilight Technology will let you avail amplified leg elevation for increased circulation and wellness, with adjustable seat and tilt movement for a personalized reclining experience. The PR515 offers adjustable bodyweight distribution, creating a weightless stress-free experience for better ergonomic support.

Lift Chair Positions

The different positions in a chair mean different recliner or sleep options for the user. Many of our lift recliners feature infinite position. This means the chair comes with 3 motors, which allow the back and footrest to be controlled independently. The infinite position is often recommended since it allows for a better experience. Our PR-515 chair allows users to sit or sleep for long periods of time, adjusting their comfort level accordingly as they see necessary. This is the kind of chair that is perfect for long recovery periods or can be seated in for longer periods every day.

Exclusive Offer!!

If you are a new customer come see us to experience our full showroom of lift chairs. If you are an existing customer, you know that we have the most competitive pricing around and will do whatever we can to put you in your next recliner/lift chair. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.