The Merits Dualer may be the most versatile power chair on the market today. It combines the supremacy of maximum power and torque, with the flexibility of an automatic adjustable seat height. Want more? Superb maneuverability defines the Dualer for easy access around your home. When there is simply not enough room to turn around, just rotate the seat in the opposite direction and drive back out! This would be great on an elevator, in a van, or any tight spot. No reason to get up. Simply grab the large, easy grip handle underneath the seat, lift, and rotate.

If you are a first-time powerchair user, you may find using this chair in rear wheel drive more comfortable. In rear wheel drive, your power chair naturally and easily tracks in a straight path, which means you will have excellent control over your chair. Once you are a powerchair pro, you can turn the Dualer’s seat around, making it into front wheel drive. The front-wheel drive gives you a more direct-response driving experience. Another delightful feature that comes standard with this chair is its power-elevating seat – an expensive option on most other power chairs but standard on the Merits Dualer. The power elevating seat will give you the ability to raise your seat from its base of 22" all the way up to 27". There is a fold-down footrest no matter which direction you drive.

The big captain’s seat is comfortable and very stylish. It has an adjustable backrest and ergonomic swing away joystick positioning. The Merits Dualer has a base width of just 24” and a driving distance of up to 18 miles. It has a top speed of 5 mph (that means a half-marathon in under 3 hours!) and a turning radius of a mere 21”. Eric L. said his favorite feature was that it was “very quiet”. Our favorite quote is from Gary M.; “Good looks coupled with excellent handling. Goes where the manual chair had trouble. Good in the tightest of places goes easily thru all my interior doors. The very quiet operation does not scare the dog. The seat lift works for me.  I don't need to be 2 feet taller to reach a drinking glass.” The Dualer is one powerchair that we can honestly say is both indoor and outdoor. It receives excellent ratings in both environments.

Yes, we are fond of the Merits Dualer. But one size doesn’t fit all and in the coming weeks we will be talking about our front-wheel drive, and mid-wheel drive power chairs. At Affordable Medical Equipment, we are not satisfied until you are satisfied. We are in our brand-new store and committed as ever to bringing you the best in mobility products and solutions.