As we grow older, we face challenges that we may have never thought of before. Getting out of bed, feeling safe in your bathroom, walking longer distances – all of these are things that, if you haven’t thought about it before, we certainly think about them now. One of those challenges is stairs.  Stairs can be difficult, dangerous, scary, and even painful. There are a few options for getting up and down the stairs but, by far, a stairlift is the easiest and best solution. 

In lieu of a stairlift, one of the options is an electric stair climbing wheelchair system. It does require a caregiver’s assistance. You are leaned back in the system and the trax system on the back of the wheelchair (with the caregiver’s assistance) pulls you up the stairs. It’s a bumpy ride and can be scary as you are tilted way back. We have never considered these wheelchairs a viable option; we’re just not comfortable with them. They are really more suited for EMS applications; not day-to-day casual use.

Having said that, let’s look at some of the many advantages of a stairlift. 

1. More freedom and comfort


Going up a staircase without a stairlift can be difficult and require assistance. You can quickly and independently move about the house using stairlifts. They don't need to be operated by professionals or caregivers. Operation is simple, requiring no skill at all. If you can press the ON/OFF button on your television remote, you can operate a stairlift. All you need to do is sit on the stairlift seat, buckle yourself in (if you feel the need), press a button and off you go! You can quickly ascend/descend to the next floor of your home. Affordable Medical Equipment offers stairlifts that can be installed on any number of steps but also around curves.  Stairlifts can be installed both inside and outside.

2. They're secure

A stairlift is a secure and comfortable alternative that will promptly and efficiently transport you from one location to the next. Stairlifts are equipped with tons of safety features like a 350-pound weight limit, five directional safety features, a motor brake, a 2-position swivel seat, and an overspeed governor. Additionally, the 9Ah batteries last longer and the automatic sleep mode extends battery life. Stairlifts provide start/stop technology and the automatic hinge option keeps the lift folded and out of the way when not in use. The stairlift is engineered to fit your exact stair specifications so it is 100% secured to the stairs.

3. It is inexpensive

Stairlifts are not expensive when compared to alternatives. Many people consider downsizing to a smaller or one-story house, moving into an assisted living facility or reorganizing their home so the upstairs is no longer a living area. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these options, but is it something you really want to do? The cost of installing a stairlift is affordable, quick, solves the problem and allows you to keep doing life the same way you have for all these years, while making it simple, secure, and pain-free for you to ascend and descend the stairs. You may continue to enjoy the comfort of your home. You can save a lot of money and time by installing a stairlift from a reputable stairlift dealer rather than having to sell your house or move to assisted living.

4. There is no pain

Aging brings with it problems like arthritis and sore joints. Going up or down a staircase can also be uncomfortable due to several other ailments and injuries. You are forced to stay on one floor longer than required in the absence of a stairlift to spare yourself the discomfort of having to use the staircase. With stairlifts, you can use the stairs as much as you like without experiencing any pain. They relieve you of the physical strain of climbing the stairs in a secure and comfortable fashion.

5. Stairlifts have a lot of uses

Both indoor and outdoor stairlift configurations are possible. They can also be used with various stair types. Because they are simple to construct and design, their ability to be customized makes them a favored alternative by both producers and users. Their use extends beyond just the stairs. Maybe you need a stairlift to get you from the dock on the lake back up to your house. A stairlift can be used to get you from the garage into the house. You might want a stairlift to get you from the porch down to the beach. Maybe you need a stairlift to get you down a steep embankment to your favorite garden spot. The possibilities are endless for what a stairlift can do for you!

6. Obstacle-Free

You may want to consider installing a stair chair lift if you've been living with obstacles in your home because it would give you full access to your top floor again. Stairlifts are helpful if you have limited mobility. It might result from old age, health problems, or an accident. No matter the cause of the restriction in movement, climbing the stairs is the most challenging piece in this scenario.

What significance does it offer?

When it comes to stairlifts, there are countless advantages if you have limited mobility. Stairlifts allow someone to live an uninterrupted life despite a disability, thanks to the many alternatives available and flexible installation. They achieve this by restoring your independence and freedom of movement around the house.

Many people overlook that they have access to various stairlift models and alternatives, including renting a stairlift rather than buying one, because so many options are accessible. While stairlift rental programs offer flexibility to people who aren't searching for a permanent stair lift, they also have numerous additional advantages over buying a brand-new, permanent stairlift.

Who utilizes Stairlifts?

The majority of stairlift users are elderly people with limited mobility. This can be the result of an illness, accident or just the aging process. A person's strength or energy may not be enough to climb the stairs safely. It's essential to remember that an elderly person can benefit from a stairlift at any time, not only after getting hurt. Tension on the knees and hips can be relieved by using stairlifts. Despite the severity of their mobility encumbrances, anyone can have a great option in stairlifts. As a result, the person can safely utilize and operate the chair.

Six issues that can be avoided by keeping up with repairs and upkeep

Stairlift maintenance is crucial. We recommend an annual systems check.  It can go a long way to preventing something more serious and more costly happening down the road.  A problem in the stairlift threatens the promises of continuing mobility and safety when it starts acting up. We advise scheduling these adjustments once a year because the advantages of stairlift repair by Affordable Medical USA far exceed the expense. The following six issues can be avoided by keeping up with Stairlifts Repairs and maintenance:

Getting stuck: The last thing a single person needs is for the stairlift to become stuck in the middle of a flight of stairs or close to the summit. This becomes possible when you observe the lift moving slowly or stopping. Stopping or slowing down indicates that the lift batteries are not charging and must be changed immediately.


A qualified technician can inspect safety circuits, install fresh batteries, and check the power supply to ensure your continued safety while traveling. Make sure batteries are fully charged – make sure power is plugged in. Replace batteries at least once every 4-5 years.

Scraping noises: Nothing positive ever results from grinding noises. The most frequent reason for scraping is worn rollers and/or bad bearings. These are usually sealed and can’t be greased. If the issue is not fixed immediately, further harm to the unit could result. Misalignment can also create scraping noises. Most systems have a rack and pinion system and can be realigned.  You can have scraping noises if the rack system is not joined properly or if it slips. If the stairlift is put under increasing stress, moving elements could start to break free and separate. All these things are checked during an inspection - the technician can apply lubrication, repair damaged parts, or realign damaged components when necessary.

Wear and tear: Stairlifts experience wear and tear like cars, copy machines, and computers. They gradually develop exposed wires, broken seat springs, and cracked casings. Covers may sway as their fastening fails or become loose.

Stair lifts Repairs will enable the technician to identify this wear and tear and address it before it becomes a severe problem. If you don't, your chair could break down in the middle of a lift or stop working one day. Repairing your chair lift is always less expensive to repair when you first notice a problem than letting it continue, hoping it will correct itself. Yearly service inspections are recommended. 

Dust that is black or grey: This has nothing to do with your cleaning abilities! Due to belts, fittings, or lift housing breakdowns, chairlifts produce black or grey dust. Stairlift operation can be compromised as this degradation proceeds. If you notice this problem, make an appointment for repairs right away. If you notice the dust on the belt – it could be belt wear or degradation.  If you see the dust on the gear system, it could be worn on gears. Either way, immediate attention is recommended.

Poor handling: You'll notice your chair's handling and operation when you use it. You will rapidly form a regular operation expectation. It's probably time for maintenance if this changes. Grinding, vibrating, slower movement and new sounds are signs of poor handling. A service technician should look into anything out of the ordinary with the comfort and functionality of your chair.

Beeping or chirping: These sounds—beeping or chirping—serve as alerts. One of the things these beeps might be alerting you to is that the batteries aren't being charged. Check to see if the chair is plugged into the outlet if you hear these noises. If not, connect it and check if the alarms go away. You need a specialist to replace the power supply and batteries if the warnings keep going off because that means the power supply is broken. Check your owner’s manual.  Sometimes these alarms are alerting you to action you can take yourself to clear the alarm. 

Repairs for stairlifts by professionals

Does your elevator move a few inches before stopping? Is it beeping, producing an odd noise, or simply not moving? We offer Stairlifts Repair and upkeep for the most popular brands and models including the Merits Aviator and Navigator systems, Harmar and Handicare. We can repair any stairlift issue as a full-service repair company, including:

  • Problem-solving and analysis
  • Testing and replacement of batteries
  • Removing and installing a drive
  • Replacement of the guide roller
  • Testing the power supply and charger
  • Repair and modifications for traveling cables
  • Resetting the Overspeed brake
  • Checking and modifying the charging circuit
  • Chassis sensors with directional switching
  • Repair a damaged component
  • Control switch for reclining the armrest
  • Track changes to end limits
  • Replace blown circuit board
  • Repairing and modifying seats
  • Repairing contact charges
  • Sensors and adjustments for footrests

Our stairlift specialists have received factory training and certification. You don't have to buy your lift from us to get service. Additionally, we don't need a service agreement to fix your lift.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of good arguments in favor of buying a stair lift. Installing a stair lift in your home will improve your quality of life. You can stay in the home you love. You can still access all areas of your home and you don’t have to ‘move’ your life downstairs.

Stairlifts keep you mobile. They keep you safe in your home, remove the pain of climbing and coming downstairs, and have a whole host of other benefits. At Affordable Medical USA, we want to give those who desire to age in place the most mobility possible. Since we sincerely care about our client's well-being, we are dedicated to assisting them in maintaining and enhancing their mobility so they can lead better lives. We provide easy installation and repair of your stairlifts to meet your demands. Contact us to learn more.