Sometimes it’s hard to perform day to day activities adequately.  Medical conditions like surgeries, arthritis, back, and hip pain can affect mobility to such an extent that just standing from a sitting position is a real challenge. To help such individuals, lift chairs are designed to help people to stand comfortably from a sitting position with minimal exertion on the hips, knees, and back. Features like independent, multi-positioning and automatic reclining to different angles provide much relief to the body and help maintain better body posture also.

What are Lift Chairs?

A lift chair lifts you to a comfortable angle to exit the chair with minimal stress to hips, knees and back. These chairs are equipped with a powerful lifting system that tilt the base and move chair to a forward position by pushing a button. They look similar to your standard recliner but are very different. There are no ‘handles’ on the side. Lift chairs recline to different angles by simply pushing a button.

Anyone who is facing balancing or mobility issues and find difficulty in going from a seated to standing position is an ideal candidate for the medical lift chair. These chairs are designed with perfection and allow you to stand safely and comfortably without seeking any external assistance. Power Lift Recliners, Pop-up Chairs and 2 or 3 Position Recliners are some other names of the medical lift chairs. In the market, different kinds of power lift recliners are available in various styles and features. Moreover, these chairs are easy to customize further as per users’ requirements.

Different Kinds of Lift Chairs

Some of the most sought-after kinds of lift chairs available in the market are listed below:

  • Two Position – The two position lift chairs recline to the lounge position and lift.
  • Three Position – As the name implies, the three-position chairs tilt into three positions – 15-degree reclining position, 45-degree position and lift positions.
  • Infinite Position – These kinds of chairs recline to 180-degree angle and make the back of the chair absolutely flat.  These chairs are often referred to as ‘sleeper’ chairs or ‘multi-position’.
  • Zero-Gravity – Ergonomically designed, these chairs aim at reducing the stress on the spine and improve blood circulation of the body.  Some of the zero-gravity and infinite position chairs can also perform the Trendelenburg position – an angle that gets the feet above the heart to assist with swelling and circulation.
  • Heavy-duty Lift Chairs – Ideal for the bariatric, heavy-duty chairs come with a reinforced lift-mechanism and double lift motors for smooth operation. The chairs are ideal to hold weights in the 500-700-pound range.

Amongst different kinds of medical lift chairs, the two position, three position and infinite position are the most often requested. Different styles of the lift chairs with technologically advanced features are available on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought-after models equipped with advanced safety features:

Essential Collection LC-105 – The Essential Collection chairs are ideal for people having a height range between 5.2’’ and 5.10”. They support durable and solid construction of premium furniture grade laminate or hardwood frame for added strength. The removable back, integrated battery backup feature, large dual pockets and a quiet and smooth lifting system are a few of the features that allow people with mobility issues to lead a carefree and independent life. The power lift chair comes with a lifetime warranty on steel lift frames.

Heritage Collection LC – Heavy Duty Lift Chairs – As the name suggests, the heavy-duty lift chairs are designed for the bariatric individual having a weight up to 500 lbs and a height range between 5.6” and 6.1”. The salient features of the power lift chair are a user-friendly hand control with a USB charging port, leg levers, and a unique spring design soft foam one-piece seat for outstanding comfort and relaxation. In addition, there is the heavy-duty life actuator, scissor mechanism and self-diagnostic electronics with a 9’ cord. The standard features are a removable back, smooth lift system and laminate/hardwood frames for added strength.

Heritage Collection LC-558 – The LC- 558 is one of the top models in the Heritage Collection power lift chairs. These chairs are equipped with a USB charging port and easy-to-use hand control features. Additionally, there are large dual pockets for storing personal belongings, head and rolled armrests with covers, a comfortable extra deep seat, removable back, and heavy-duty scissor and actuator mechanisms. It has a quiet and smooth lift system, steel frame construction, total comfort seating with unique design and a one-piece soft foam seat.

Classic Collection – Pride Mobility lift chairs always offer a superior degree of comfort to its users. The classic collection comes with 3 position recliners with a seat width of 20’’. They are ideal for people that stand 5.4” to 6’ and weigh up to 375 lbs. A blown fiber split back style adorned with different fabric options adds value to the overall décor of the house.

Either Buy or Take Power Lift Chairs on Rent

Now, whether to buy power or rent?  Different people have different requirements. Some want the medical lift chairs on a temporary basis while recovering from surgery or accident. For those individuals, rentals are an obvious selection. But for those having constant difficulties with standing or constant pain in the back or hips, a purchase would make more sense. So, the most important thing is to evaluate your needs carefully.

There are many companies offering medical lift chairs for rent. Some of these companies maintain an exhaustive stock of inventory and offer them on rental prices to interested customers. What makes Affordable Medical Equipment different is the point of contact. We take the time to ask the right questions and gauge your need before offering the right solutions.