Stairs, hills, and access to homes can all be a challenge for seniors who might be unsteady on their feet, have balance issues or have a mobility device. An aluminum ramp can be an effective solution to meet these problems. Ramps can be permanent or temporary. They are aluminum, have a high traction surface to prevent slipping, a lifetime warranty and support up to 850 lbs. Ramps can be configured to meet any entrance requirement for a home or business. At Affordable Medical Equipment we provide ramps for purchase or rental.

When it comes to ramp needs, access to the home is the number one challenge we see. If your loved one is recovering from a surgery or has a permanent disability, a straight ramp with a gentle slope of 6 degrees can be a great way to get them into and out of the house. Or maybe you live on the water and the dock is 25’ lower than your house. We can install a series of stairs, platforms and ramps to safely and easily get a person up to the house. Whatever your need, we have the equipment and professionals at Affordable Medical Equipment to satisfy your requirements. We even carry the Roll-a-Ramp line which installs as easy as 1-2-3. Most customers come by the store and get them. They hey are lightweight and super sturdy!

Threshold ramps are often a necessary home addition where there is a drop or rise from one room to the next. They are also used on exterior doors to provide smooth access in and out. The threshold ramps are often constructed of rubber, so they are easily adjustable to accommodate the step or door jamb height that is involved in the transition. Whether temporary or permanent, threshold ramps provide excellent mobility assistance for those in a wheelchair, powerchair, scooter, or walker. This makes it safer navigating throughout the home.

We also have portable ramps that are lightweight and durable. They fold in half and have a convenient carry handle. They are great for getting scooters and powerchairs in and out of vehicles. They are also invaluable serving as a portable ramp to get into and out of the home.

We see a lot of people build wooden entrance ramps. We do not recommend this for several reasons. Wood rots and therefore affects structural integrity of the ramp. Treated lumber lasts longer but can get slippery in wet weather. Finally, wood is expensive, and installation takes time. Add all that up and it just does not make sense to pay so much for a temporary, less-than completely safe, long-term solution.

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