There are lots of scooters on the market today, big ones, little ones, mid-sized, foldable. As technology continues forward and more manufacturers come on the scene, choices continue to increase.

According to a U.S Census Bureau report, about 60% of seniors aged 65 years and over suffer from a disability. Two-thirds of these people report having difficulties in walking. That does not need to be a liability today – there are just too many options and a wide variety of price ranges.

Mobility scooters are one of the best solutions for those seeking freedom in their daily activities. Today, we'll be talking about the all new Pride Wrangler Outdoor Scooter.

The Pride Wrangler 4-Wheel PMV is a rugged mobility scooter that is perfect for the great outdoors. Whether you are driving to your hunting blind, taking a walking trail, exploring, riding around the farm, or just cruising around, the Wrangler will ensure that you have the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible.

User’s Choice:  The All New Wrangler

When you are looking for a functional and robust mobility device to use outdoors, you want the machine with the highest ground clearance, a good suspension, and a comfortable seat. These scooters are your top pick as they are larger than a typical mobility scooter. Their size and weight help give them the stability and robustness they need to drive you off road safely.

Pride’s all new Wrangler has all the benefits people love. The scooter features large air-filled tires (14.5”), good suspension (Comfort Trac), and a high ground clearance (5.5”). These additional features give you a smooth ride over rough terrain and a good experience over curbs. For more safety, the Wrangler comes with dual hydraulic brakes and bright LED headlights.

While driving this scooter you feel a similar experience to that of a typical ATV. Stone S. loves his Pride Wrangler – “The ground I can travel on, pasture, rough road etc.” Unlike a sports mobility scooter, the seat and steering configuration of the Wrangler has been designed to give you extra support throughout your ride. The Wrangler can drive up to 11mph and has a battery range of up to 22 miles. This may not be your everyday travel scooter, but the features and capacity can make this scooter your everyday outdoor scooter. One of the best scooters you will find for the ranch, camping trips, farm or camp.

When it comes to the outdoor mobility of our customers, the all new Wrangler is the perfect means for traversing uneven terrains, lakeside communities, wooded trails or large properties. Call us today for pricing or visit our store at Affordable Medical Equipment.