Does your stress keep you up at night? What should you do when long-term pain, such as arthritis, back pain, or a surgical recovery causes sleep deprivation? Well, when anxiety or chronic pain keeps you awake at night, you may need to choose a specialized power recliner lift chair that will help you find the perfect sleep position.

The VivaLift!™ power recliner is a wonderful sleep solution. The patented Power Lumbar creates personalized ergonomic comfort and weight distribution. This innovative power recliner also may deliver great health benefits, including –

  • elevating the feet which is proven to improve circulation, and
  • provide a sleep position unique and perfect for you.
  • adjustable lumbar that helps relax and rejuvenate the back.
  • a head pillow that adjusts to the needs of your head and neck.
  • unparalleled comfort.
  • upward lift taking stress off the hips and knees.

While some people choose a relaxing chair because they want to add additional comfort to their home, others see them as a necessity.

What is the Best Lift Chair Positioning for You?

The positioning of your power recliner will depend on what you want to use it for. If you want your lift chair to watch TV, you can get buy with a modestly priced two-position chair. Such chairs are great as they allow the back to recline while elevating your legs slightly.

If you want a recliner for that extra sleep, consider three-position lift chairs. Along with elevating your legs, they move to a 45-degree recline. This makes your sleeping position perfect and you can nap in a semi-upright position. At Affordable Medical Equipment, we offer the finest range of power recliners that are best to ease yourself into sleep while also calming aches and pains.

VivaLift!™ Power Recliners are decked out with beautiful features and a classic look. These chairs are in a class apart from all others! Full-width power headrest can lift head, neck and shoulders and allow you to recline until you’re entirely flat. Additionally, you can adjust the footrest and back support to find your suitable angle that meets your level of comfort. It can even assist you in making an easy transition from sitting to standing. If you want a chair to aid mobility and sleep, VivaLift!™ is the only option.

A Chair to Unwind

If your day has been full of stress and hard work, it may be time you need a lift recliner to help you rejuvenate to get that energy edge back. Constantly walking or standing up and sitting down may take a toll on bad knees, sore feet and bad ankles. Having a power recliner is a huge plus.

Power recliners will let you ease yourself into a sitting position. Leave your chair in the up, or lift, position and you’ll never have to sit ‘down’ again.  Just lean into your chair and glide to your preferred position. The amount of stress a power recliner can cut from your daily workload is truly life changing.

Give Affordable Medical Equipment a Call Today

If you want the most comfortable power recliner on the market, call us today. From helping you relax to calming your long-term pain, there are many benefits to having the right lift chair. You’ll find a lot of makes and models to choose from. Having someone guide you is the best way to find what you need. We’re confident that you will find the perfect recliner that meets every expectation you have.