Appropriate medical equipment and home improvement support wheelchair users want to live independent lives in their own homes. After an illness or an accident, medical equipment bridges the gap between ability and effectiveness. According to the Reeves’ foundation, 13.5 % of paralyzed Americans do not have access to the right equipment needed to live independent lives in their own homes. Just as a walking cane can help someone to walk, a power patient lift can help a caregiver move an individual in and out of a wheelchair, car, seat, or bed. The modern mobility marketplace offers a range of equipment for every age, size, and need. One of the most sought-after devices is a patient lift that can help caregivers and their loved ones stay at home safely.

The patient lift is a magnetic lift that has been useful for various reasons, but some of the more common ones are disability resulting from injury, accident, stroke, paralysis, and Parkinson’s disease. The device positions patients from sitting to lying or vice versa, depending on the need. It can transport patients weighing up to 350 lbs.  The lift can be folded and this feature makes it very versatile. The Bestlift PL350CT and the Bestlift PL400EF are two of our best power patient lifts at Affordable Medical Equipment.

“Words cannot describe this lift! My mother over time had difficulty standing. It was quite difficult to lift her from a sitting position and pivoting her to a wheelchair. Many times she almost fell. I was in constant fear that I would hurt her. This lift is so easy to use and comfortable for her. I use it every day. I absolutely love this lift!!! I only wish I had purchased it sooner!” ……Donna B.

All New PL350CT Full Body Portable Patient Lift

The PL350CT is an electrically operated Patient Lift. This useful medical device has the ability to safely lift patients from the car for easy and convenient transport. This is a first for the patient lift industry! This lift comes with a unique spreader bar that can help patients from a sitting to lying down position safely and with minimal movement. This system is battery-operated and provides about 40% more lifts per charge than other brands in the market.

All kind of lifting and lowering is performed by pushbuttons on either the hand control or using the controls provided on the control box. This feature assures the Lift can be operated in case the hand control is misplaced or malfunctions.

Different Varieties of Patient Lift and their Uses

A patient lift is all about a mechanical device to help caregivers, families, and their loved ones. Choice is based on several factors. Some of the factors include the person’s weight, medical conditions, and purpose of the lift. Let us dig into the various options available in the market.  

Manual Lifts

Manual Lifts- Also known as hydraulic lifts, manual lifts require operating a hand pump. This means that the caregiver must generate counter-leverage through manual lifting pressure. To operate this lift, the caregiver must first position the patient within the body sling, then pump the lift to get the patient to a raised position before moving. In terms of price, these lifts are more cost-effective, but the caregiver’s strength and effort is needed to operate the device.

Power Lifts

Power Lifts- This is a battery-operated patient lift that has an electric motor. The power generated lift replaces the muscle strength needed for lifting the patient. A power lift is run by a rechargeable battery or wall plugin. A hydraulic pump functions effectively by moving the sling-bearing arm up and to the desired position. These varieties may be more expensive, but they are the effortless option for caregivers to prevent injury of patients while moving. Also, the power lifts are equipped with a manual handle in case of power loss.

Sit To Stand Lifts

Sit-to-Stand Lift- These devices help people to sit up in bed or a chair to pull themselves up to a standing position. There are two different types of sit-to-stand lifts.  The first is the Stand Assist. In order to use this lift, the person should be able to bear some weight.  If they have some upper body strength, the Stand Assist is your best option. If they do require full assistance to stand, the hospital-grade sit-to-stand lift is your better option.

Overhead Track Lifts

Overhead Track Lifts- These lifts raise, lower and transfers people with less mobility. The design for this variety of lifts allows use of ancillary medical equipment. Complete control of this variety is possible with an articulating arm, pivoting station, 360-degree spin, and brakes. Overhead lifts can be installed in the bedrooms or bathrooms that need a track system on the ceiling.

Whatever may be the type or variety, a lift is only as valuable as someone’s ability to use it. Professional and family caregivers need thorough training to use these devices safely.  Physical and occupational therapists may guide you with this, and there are also online tutorials available. You can also turn to our team at Affordable Medical Equipment. We help you completely understand how your equipment operates, dos and don’ts, proper care of equipment and more. Contact us for further information.

Benefits of Using Patient Lift

The important benefit of using a patient lift is for the family members, caregivers, and the patient’s long-term safety. It makes staying at home more feasible! When someone is no longer be able to bear weight, a patient lift is often a necessity for quality of life and independence. Even using a lift to transfer a patient from a bed to a wheelchair has value. No one wants to spend their life bed-bound, and a patient lift makes it possible for someone to move about their homes. In most cases, falls are the leading cause of disability and even death for people over the age of 65. Life becomes easier and safer when a person who is disabled has decided to start using a lift.

Many assisted living communities may not provide or allow someone to continue to reside if they need assistance by two people to transfer. Proper transfer techniques are serious, and it takes time and effort to implement, and the risk to staff is too significant. Each state might follow the assisted living regulations so some will allow a patient lift under certain conditions, such as hospital. But many will not. A patient lift can help make it possible for people to continue staying at home safely and avoid nursing home care. Professional and family caregivers, who are adequately trained, can operate these devices safely and effectively.

The power lifts we offer at Affordable Medical Equipment come with a wide range of lift heights so that reaching low enough to pick up a patient who has fallen is easy. Likewise, lifting a patient to the highest mattress heights is efficient. This is the best part of using a patient lift and the features make the patient’s life easier and safer. And like other compatible medical equipment, these emergency lifts can be easily stored away in the back of an SUV, hybrid, or wagon. Or it can be put in a closet or in your room corner. Thus, it provides a comfortable and convenient alternative to steel lifts. To know more about these products, please come by our store at 1812 Sunset Blvd. in West Columbia, SC. Visit and learn from the experts how to operate the patient lift more confidently.