Being cooped up for 18 months brings us a new appreciation and love for the outdoors, events, being with friends, and travel. We are making the most of this time and everyone is planning tiny trips here and there. But if you are one suffering from health issues, all the aforementioned can be a major hurdle. But we believe that there is a solution to every mobility problem! The Triaxe Sport and Cruze mobility scooters from Enhance Mobility are the solution that we are talking about here. Mobility scooters enable you to move around effortlessly and without any hesitation. Having the freedom and the ability to do what you want to do is important – maybe now more than ever. Your disabilities related to body or health should never be a hindrance. Or to put it this way, we will do everything within our power to ensure our dear customers are able to live freely and enjoy life. Having the liberty to inhale the fresh air amidst nature may give you goosebumps. We are here to make this your reality.

Triaxe Scooters to the rescue for people with health conditions-

New Triaxe CruzeTriaxe Sport

The Triaxe Scooter from Affordable Medical Equipment is a spectacle of everything that you expect from a mobility scooter in general or sometimes even more. It serves before you a dead-on combination of convenience and portability that you want in a folding scooter. Added to it is the features of comfort and super performance. The best part is that you can carry it easily along with you wherever you go as it easily fits in the back of most vehicles without the requirement of any disassembly. The Triaxe that we have can be used indoors or out. Travel with it at every place possible, be it the mall, the park, the store, a vacation or even for a ball game. These scooters are very simple to store as they can be folded easily and takes only twenty inches of space. For anyone who is suffering from different issues associated with health this scooter offers a smooth and comfortable ride with front springs to absorb the bumps and a roomy seat and backrest to cushion the support along the way. It has wide ‘wings’ for your feet, allowing your legs to be stretched and designed in a way such that it comes with a large floor deck. There is a removable deluxe basket too, that helps the user to carry his or her belongings. The controls that are used are simple to use and within reach. The throttle is like that of a multi-speed bicycle or a motorcycle; all you do is twist it. There are elements attached with it like a bright LED headlight, battery indicator and horn for enhanced safety. “A great deal of ingenuity and careful craftsmanship went into this wonderful scooter.” – Det

Triaxe Sport

Triaxe Sport Scooter

The Triaxe scooter comes in two different models – the Sport and the Cruze. We will take a moment here to discuss each. The biggest difference in the two is the location and type of motors. The Sport has a front wheel drive with a brushless motor that delivers 500W of power. The Cruze is a rear-wheel drive brushless motor with 180W of power that also has an electromagnetic braking system. Beyond that, the Sport is a feather-light 44 lbs. and can achieve speeds up to 12mph. That’s fast! It comes in several colors: purple, light blue, red, orange, black and silver. The standard seat is 13” but that can be upgraded to 18”. The Sport is really designed for level or near-level surfaces.

CruzeTriaxe Cruze

The Cruze comes in a little heavier than the Sport at 58lbs (without battery), has an 18-mile battery range, and a top speed of 6mph (which is still fast). The Cruze comes standard with an 18” seat and a higher backrest. It has an electric braking system and comes in red or blue. Both scooters have TSA-approved batteries and meet all the guidelines of the FAA, making them suitable for airline travel. The Triaxe scooters are constructed such that the aircraft grade aluminum is durable to make the scooter highly resistant to corrosion with high tensile strength and a weight capacity of 350 pounds. “I love it. It goes faster than I need to go but gets me there when I need to be there, so I really enjoy it. It's small and can go places big scooters can't. It's easy to transport and light enough to put in the trunk.” -James D.

Features Provided by the Scooter

Triaxe Cruze Portable ScooterTriaxe

  1. Solid Rubber tires- Everything is engineered to provide years of operations, making you free of worry.
  2. 12 Amp Lithium Battery Pack- The battery range is approved from TSA and FAA with a battery range of 18 miles (Cruze) or 35 miles (Sport).
  3. Removable front basket- It has a deluxe front basket or bag that has the facility of being removed. This allows the user to put things in the basket that are needed to be carried.
  4. LED front light- LED front light that is bright and helps the people using it to have safe rides during the nighttime. This means you have the freedom to move around in it at any hour of the day or the night.
  5. Folds easily- It can be folded easily. It literally takes seconds to fold the entire mobility scooter. After folding it, the scooter stores in only 20 inches.
  6. Availability of colors- Triaxe Cruze scooters are available in red or blue, Sport availability in purple, orange, silver, black, light blue, and red.
  7. A pull-out rear travel rack that allows for transporting groceries, coolers, animal cages, etc.
  8. Transaxle- 180-watt rear transaxle with an electromagnetic brake system is offered on the Cruze.

These scooters are merged as such that it offers the probability and convenience of a travel scooter and has the comfort and performance of a full-size scooter.

Options Available for Shipping-

Triaxe Sport Folding Scooter

The various options that are available in Affordable Medical Equipment for shipping are jotted down below-

  1. Free Curbside Delivery- This is a system of standard delivery to the curb. You will be called by the freight company directly to schedule a delivery time.
  2. Inside Delivery- In this, the order placed gets delivered by a freight carrier and brought inside your home on ground level only. The carrier will call you to fix the delivery time and give it to you accordingly. For curbside or inside delivery, we have included an easy to follow video that demonstrates every step of unboxing and setup of your new Triaxe scooter.
  3. White Glove Delivery- This is the premium delivery service. The scooter will be delivered to you after a scheduled appointment is made. Everything is done by us from unpacking your product to inspecting for shipping damage. The product is set up and any accessories required are installed. We provide a product demonstration and remove all the packaging materials.

After going through all the above-mentioned points, one thing becomes very clear. Buying triaxe scooters from Affordable Medical Equipment is genuinely a wise decision to take. It gives you mobility in a lightweight, transportable, and easy to use scooter. Moving around places is no longer a tough task as these scooters ease up everything. Never feel left out again. Turn the entire situation into a win-win. It becomes happy news for the disabled and also serves well to the attendee. With the right features attached to them, these scooters are the perfect ones for anybody looking forward to a positive change in their lives.